Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Empire Strikes Back.....Almost

This weeks club game was a return to Warhammer Fantasy after at least a year.

With the release of the 8th Edition late last year, there has been quite an upsurge of people returning to the game, certainly going by what I've read on the Interweb, and our club is no different. With an up and coming club campaign in the offing I thought it a good idea to get my hand in and try the new rules.
Ians Ogres advance towards the Empire line in Rd 1
Ian offered to give me a game against his Ogres. I've not got a good track record against this army being 1 - 3 but you never know I thought, maybe today.

Anyway, being fresh to the 8th Ed rules, there were a number of surprises awaiting for me through the process of the game before the clock forced an end to the game, most of which I found entertaining (though my troops maybe disagree). The sheer number of attacks that the Ogres can now throw at you under the new rules being the most heinous. All in all I did like the changes for the most part but I'll need a couple of games to pick up all the real meaning of some of them.

The Empire behaved themselves and put up a spirited defence against Ians Ogres and held him   to a draw but with the advantage with the Empire, mainly due to numbers.
Near end game (clock wise) with the Empire numbers and a STank beginning to tell.
Enjoyed the game and I am now looking forward to my first game in the Campaign against Kev's Dark Elves.

The whole thing has given me some impetus to get back to painting my Empire hordes (or at least some of them) so flaggelants and knights will be next on the agenda.

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