Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Starting positions on 8' x 6' table for Invasion Scenario
With the WHFBs Campaign gathering momentum my Empire forces under Baron Sidle had their next outing close on the heels of the last against Ians' dread Ogres. This time the Invasion scenario from the 8th Ed rule book with my empire stoutly defending their homeland against the invading horde of Ogres.

With Ian recycling his destroyed core troops I thought it was going to be an uphill struggle and it proved to be a pretty much that. Not helped by some very cowardly Swordsmen, a totally ineffectual Cannon and Greatswords. Once again the mighty Handgunners, Pistoliers and Flaggellants managed to save the day (or at least save face) and in the closing turn managed to grab a table quarter and deny a fortified position to clinch a 2 all draw, before the clock beat us once again.

A very enjoyable game with lots of ups and downs, and it now means the next game against the Ogres will be on an even footing.....which is nice.
Final setup with more Ogres piling on and the Empire just standing and no more.
Next up against the Baron is the next rematch against the Dark Elves in a Dawn Raid scenario.

Other forces joining the campaign are a force of High Elves commanded by Dave B, Chaos horde from Dave K, another Choas horde from Al, and Ians Orciness with more to follow. Should be pretty messy all in all.

If you want to read the full story of the Barons stalwart defence of the northern borders of Averland, check out the ongoing story here.

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