Sunday, 5 June 2011

FOG Renaissance Bash

This week at the club I was allowed to sit in on a game of FOG Renaissance. I had dabbled with FOG when first released and I must say I wasn't impressed. Now with the Renaissance version out and several people extolling it's virtues I had decided to give it a go. Dougie and John kindly allowed me to sit in on their game with me being the Roumelian Pasha on the Left flank of Dougies' Ottomans versus Johns TYW French.
Ottomans vs French TYW
 - proves to be an uneven contest
I enjoyed the game and learned a great deal about the mechanics of play. The armies proved to be a bit uneven in capabilities with the technological gap being very evident, not aided by my poor deployment of the Ottoman Cavalry, but still an enjoyable outing.
I think that FOG, much like DBA and DBM and to a lesser extent the various WRGs and other rules of their ilk work and work well, but only if you keep to the historical pair-ups or at least in the same technological time frames. Probably true of most rule sets including WAB and Crusader and we'll see with the new plethora of ancient rules like CoE, WoC and other TLA's.

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