Tuesday, 14 June 2011

King of the Battlefield

Prussians vs Austrians Set-up
Last week was a bit of a change of pace from the usual with myself, Dave K, Dave B and Doug trying out a set of 'quick-play' rules for the Seven Years War called 'King of the Battlefield'. New rules to me but apparently are popular about the clubs so it was thought to give them a go.

With protanganists on both sides being provided by Doug the set up was fairly impressive and looked the part especially considering it was a quick 'lay down' game. With everyone new to the rules, the game was merely a trial of the rules and to see how they worked out.

The mechanisms were certainly a bit strange at first with the simple idea of you shoot and your opponent throws dice took a bit of getting used to and the idea of cavalry melee being ongoing in each turn until the two sides run out of troops or choose to not feed more troops in was also a bit on the different side.
Part way through game with the centres closing
 and the massed cavalry melee in the distance
At the end of the night with the Austrian centre collapsing and the Prussian left flank looking open and the right anybodies match, the game was still in the balance. It has been a long time since I played the SYW period and it was good to have a bash after so long, so thanks to Doug for setting the evening up.

All in all I enjoyed the game and once the rules were picked up they did play 'quickly' and certainly gave the feel of the period. Will need another couple of plays to confirm one way or another if this is a goer in the long term but on first play, opinions were pretty favourable. Worth checking out 'King of the Battlefield'.

In a different direction a welcome to a couple of new visitors is over due; Kingsleypark, rousell68 and Foss1066 with much wargames goodness available from all three. 

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