Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wappinshaw 2011

Once more we have ventured out of the northern wilds and headed over the old drove roads down through Lennox and down to the 'toon a Glascu' to the Wappinshaw.
A new venue in the Concert Hall rather than the old hall next the Polish Verterans club, which although having a certain period charm was a bit lacking in the electrical illuminance department, which could not be said for the hall now. (Although the yellow lighting above the traders was a bit strange on the colour rendition of some traders stock.
Arrived a bit later than I would have wished and so missed the rush and the best of the bring-and-buy but still worth the treck down to the auld toon and have a chat with folks you only see at the various shows.
A good show, if still quite small but a step in the right direction for the future. I would like to see it get bigger (and I'm led to believe there is room to expand upstairs) but better to do these things in small increments. Didn't pick up anything at the show but did do the usual tour round the city centre and some old haunts after the show since I'm here; Cafe Gandolfi, the Horseshoe Bar, Static Games, Jamiesons, The Dragon and the George and so on and then sauntered off into the sunset.
Now some photo's of what was on offer at this years bash;


  1. Missed it again this year. I've only made it once in the last five years.

  2. GTood new venue and room to expand, certainly a lot brighter. Think it was a success so there's always next year!


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