Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Empire Ogre Bash

Deployments for Empire vs Ogres
This week my game at the club was a one off game of WHFB with Ian who was wanting to try out the new Ogre Army book and some of his 'new toys' and I had agreed to give him a game using my trusty Empire.

As usual with a new Warhammer Army book, there was a few surprises in store for me but Ian hadn't gone the whole hog and just had a couple of surprises lined up. The main surprise was Ogre Scouts. I had expected scouts in his army of the Knobler kind, but not ogres so right from the start my deployment was snafu and the game was a brutal carve up from the start but not with out it's amusing moments, like the 22 hits from the Hellblaster on a lone Sabretooth, or the Empire General running around the battle field in terror.

Ians Ogre Cavalry hit the Empire flank
It was a pretty quick game with me giving up at the end of round three with the bulk of the Empire troops pulverised and little in the way of units able to do much damage to a largely intact Ogre army, but an education and an enjoyable game none the less, with Ian's Ogre army all very nicely done, with all sorts of conversions and really good paint jobs and a joy to play against for the eye candy.

Don't think I like the idea of Ogre Scouts, not least because they in effect cost me the game, but the idea just seems silly, but hey that's Warhammer for you. The scouts must be REALLY good at camouflage, (visions of large hulking brutes holding up twigs in front of themselves tip toeing about pretending to be trees flashes in front of me).

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