Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crusader Rules Refresher

This weeks game was a quick refresher of the Crusader Rule set from Mark Sims of Crusader Miniatures and Publishing.

We have used the rules in the past and all who played them seemed to like them all told, but the whims of fate and new shinier rules (mainly Impetus) moved the interest away, so we hadn't used them for a couple of years. I however have been keen to use them again, mainly to refresh my memory of the rules and see if they would be suitable for use in the forth coming mini-campaign 'Conquest of Majorca'.

So Dave K and myself sat down earlier this week and we dusted off the rules and plumped for a 3000pt a piece barney just to refresh ourselves with the rules, with my Berbers taking on Daves' Andalucians.

The game went slowly at first, but we soon started to pick up the niceties and foibles of the rules.  With the rules and age addled memories beginning to kick in we began to remember the issues we had with the Rules which were few, but the army lists for the armies being the main  problem with a few of the stats being silly like formed troops with Javelins they couldn't use as Javelins.

The game went interestingly with Daves' Impetuous knights careening across the table in round one and pushing back in disarray a unit of Berber spear and destroying a unit of archers. And then being forced to retreat back across the table and to be caught by the avenging Guard Cavalry. The rest of the forces were just beginning to jockey for position.

We were really only starting to get the swing of things when we ran out of time, so a 'proper' game has been organised for next week to keep things fresh in the mind to have a proper test of the rules, and the army lists tweeked slightly to take out the 'silly factor'. Will keep you posted on the results.


  1. I bought these ages ago, when I wanted to move away from WAB, unfortunately I've never used them, I'll have to dig them out for a re-read.

    1. You should Ray. They are a good 'quick play' set, nice and easy on the brain without too many of the usual problems with these kind of rules. Good for nights gaming.


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