Sunday, 29 April 2012

Carronade 2012 Update

Pretty much everybody has now confirmed attendance with all the Traders and Clubs in place for next Saturday and just about everything organised for the event, bar the shouting (and the lifting, and the carrying).

For those who don't know, the show is being held next Saturday 5th May at Graeme High School in Falkirk and doors open at 10:00am and runs until 4:00pm.

You can check out the FDWC website for a full list of the Clubs and the games they're putting on here and for the Traders here.

The day promises to be another great show with lots of good demo games and quite a few participation games plus the usual traders, flea market and painting competitions. You can check out the details for the flea market, get directions etc from the Carronade 12 page here.

Hope to see lots of you there.


  1. Looking forward to it! always a great show and seems to gets better each year!!


  2. I'll certainly be having a wander around!!

  3. Would love to make a visit, but its a damn long drive and I've spent most of my dosh at Salute last week. I expect lots of pics!!!

  4. I'll be there. Pop by my stall at the bring and buy in the morning or else come by the Empire of the Dead demo run by G3. You can't miss me. I've got my blogger name all over promo T-shirt.


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