Tuesday 31 January 2012

Warblog Welcomes you....

With another month coming rapidly crashing to a speedy end and a reasonable amount of progress on things wargame orientated having been achieved in the month and a couple of enjoyable games, I thought it about time to welcome some new upwardly mobile bloggers to the Warblog, of which there are a few this time around;

First in line this time is Erwin with his popular blog Soldados Viejos (translates as 'Old Soldiers') which has lots of very interesting gaming goodness in most periods, in his Spanish games group. I particularly like his Crusades Medievals, but then I would.

Next up is Uniteallaction who has an active 40K orientated blog called uniteallaction strangely enough.

Lead Legion also dropped by earlier this month and although his profile states a blog address this does not appear to operational. However I noted that there is a Lead Legion Painting service new in the Glasgow area, perhaps you can let me know if this is yersel' or no. Welcome in any event. (edit; Blogger has finally updated things and I see Lead Legion does have the Painting service whoes blog can be found at Lead Legion Miniature Painting Service).

rct75001 has also joined the growing ranks of Warbloggers, and has an excellent blog covering his many modelling interests, Working on the Lead Mountain which covers lots of modern and not so modern wargaming period activities.

And last in blog-pile this month (but certainly not least) is Greywolf who again has a number of blogs on the go including Greywolf's Last Valley which features some excellent vignettes, Greywolf's work being familiar to those of you who frequent Sean Deans' Painting Forum.

Also dropping in for a blog were Thanos, Richard Fry, and Chema Sanchez all who joined around the beginning of the month.

Welcome all and hope you continue to find something of interest as the Warblog progresses through 2012 and beyond.

Monday 30 January 2012

Carronade 2012 Updates

Having just updated the clubs (Falkirk and District Wargames Club for those of you don't recognise the logo) website for this years show, I thought I'd let the world know that for details of our show Carronade 2012 have now been updated and you can drop into the club website here and get updates on the show. These will be updated as Traders and clubs confirm attendance, but based on previous years more than 30 Traders and 30 Clubs will be in attendance. Worth checking out if you've not been before.

This year Carronade will be held on Saturday 5th May 2012 at Graeme High School in Falkirk and is shaping up to be another successful show.

You can check out details for the club, past and present, there too.

Friday 27 January 2012

Italian Wars Update 001 - Garde Ecossaise WIP

Garde Ecossiase WIP 002
The Difficult Six
I've been working on the Garde Ecossaise foot unit recently and have now just about finished doing the modelling with green stuff on the last of the unit.

I have learnt a lot with using green stuff, and realised I've still a way to go to get to reasonable standard, but that will come with practice. The one thing I have learnt is that patience is the greatest skill for using the medium.

Garde Ecossaise WIP 003
The Easy Six
There are still a few details to be modelled on a few of the figures, sword belts and a couple of hats but these will get finished off soon and I can get into getting the unit painted.

I have decided to paint up the unit in the white livery of Charles VIII and Francis I. This is mainly because it will be a bit more striking on the table top but also a lot easier to paint than the red/white/green Charles VII livery that most may be familiar with as depicted in the 'Adoration of the Magi' painting.
Adoration of the Magi
Although the white livery can only be strictly confirmed as the livery of the 'Garde de la Manche' or Garde du Corps of the King (described on their entry into Rome, - "The Scottish Garde de la Manche are immediately next the king, and ride with white hoquetons over their mail, in token of their unspotted fidelity." - this is the only confirmed livery of the time of the Italian Wars where the Garde served throughout.

The Garde served on campaign with Charles VIII, Louis XII, and Francis I and being particularly mentioned at Fornovo, Agnadello, Marignano, Naples, Pavia and Seminara among others.

Robert Stewart d'Aubigny and the Garde Ecossaise
entry into Paris (by Graham Turner)
Once the foot unit is complete and I get a few other bits under way for the project, I intend to do a mounted version of the Garde Ecossaise which should be interesting to do, and having done a fair bit of research on the subject, maybe another couple of 'regiments' from the household like the Cent Suisse or l'Garde du Roi Ordinaire. More on the Garde and the Italian Wars soon.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Force on Force Trial Game

The 'Modern' movement continues a-pace at the club with a trial game using the Ambush Alley Games 'Force on Force' rules for modern warfare this week.

The game was put on at the club by Dax, who supplied all the figures and terrain (and dangerously low flying remote control helicopter!), with myself, Dave K and Pete taking the side of the insurgents, in the form of Mudjahadeen and Iraqi Regular types, and Chuck being the plucky yank with a pile of US Marine fire teams.

The game was for us all to get a feel for the rules and a generally light hearted time was had as Chuck tried to get from one end of the table to the other and take possession of a mosque and/or a Bathist HQs building while the belligerent locals tried to stop them en-route.

Chuck had six turns to achieve his objectives before; nightfall/enemy re-enforcements arrived/a terrible earth quake/the end of the world as we know it happened.

Unfortunately for Chuck his rolls on the dice, of which there is a lot of in FoF, were to say the least abysmal for the first four turns. His fire teams getting shot up very badly without much progress along the table.

Some Marines have a lie down
 due to over exertion (and bullets)
Not only was Chucks' dice rolling fairly unlucky but the Iraqi's dice rolling for shooting and re-enforcements was the opposite with any losses being more than replaced and lots of wild shooting blind over the side of concrete balustrades and round corners seemed to be miraculously effective.

However the fickle dice gods saw reason towards the end of round four with an off table barrage which caused the regulars some grief and this event seemed to steel the marines resolve, and for the last couple of turns saw a reversal of fortunes with the marines inflicting the more expected level of mayhem and destruction.

However, fairly true to history, this proved too little too late, and when all the victory points were totted up, the Iraqi's had scored a, fairly unexpected, solid victory.

The scenario in fairness can be played either daylight (ours being played daytime rules, if you can see it you can shoot it) or night and I can see the night time version being a totally different kettle of rabbits.

Enjoyable game all round, and thanks to Dax for putting on the game and umpiring it. The gist of the evening being that the rules were pretty simple to pick up and weren't too bogged down with complications, and once into the swing of it, the game played pretty smoothly.

Next up in this mode, will no doubt be the Tomorrows War rules from the same stable, for future war/sci-fi games.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

New Scots Medieval Figures

Just seen these Scots Medieval figures over on Dave Imrie's blog; Saxon Dog.

Dave and Andrew Taylor have got together and commissioned Paul Hicks to design a range of Medieval Scots of 1388 to 1402 ilk, for the first release with English types to follow.

In Dave's words;

" Andrew Taylor and I have been planning a range of 28mm Medieval Scots for almost two years. We have now decided to show the progress. Here are a few images of what has been sculpted so far. We hope to have these ready for release at Salute 2012. Sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. "

Great looking figures, and up to Mr Paul Hicks usual great standard, and look to be a treat to paint and will no doubt be popular. Definitely a useful figure range beyond the scope they are intended for and beyond.

I wish them well in this venture, as it shows great promise and with a subject matter close to me heart I'll certainly be supporting it!

Pop over to Dave's blog Saxon Dog to check out more of the nifty figs.

Sunday 15 January 2012

First Game of 2012

Early moves in the Empire vs Chaos year opener
First game of the year was had earlier this week with my friend Dave K at the weekly wargames club night.

Dave had fancied a game and I had suggested four options; Retinue Medieval Skirmish, Impetus Italian Wars, Crusader Medieval or a WHFBs game, Dave went for the Warhammer game.

So after the usual rounds of New Years greetings and chat we got the friendly game under way and a good laugh it turned out to be. We only managed three turns each due to being beaten by the clock (largely due to the large amount of chat and general frivolity going on) but all in all a fun time was had by all.

The Empire troops selected were for close quarter fighting knowing that Dave's Chaos would be getting in about it pretty quick so I thought I'd try and beat him to the punch so to speak and the Empire lines advanced quickly to the fight. All went pretty much according to plan (although I hadn't realised just how nasty the Chaos Knights were) bar losing my swordsmen a round quicker than I thought.

The point of great amusement to all was my when my general challenged to a duel, picked up the gauntlet, went first and with four devastating strength 5 attacks promptly threw four ones! Oh how we all laughed, especially Dave who quickly captured the event for posterity, then failed to hit my general in return. Then with flashing teeth, the most deadly beast on the table, the generals horse scored a wound on the Chaos Chosen. Revenge was sweet. Much laughter ensued.

Pity we did run out of time as the battle was just getting into the swing of things and could have gone either way and was certainly entertaining which is what it's all about. Good opener to the years gaming for sure and hopefully much more in the same vain to follow.

Sunday 8 January 2012

Planning 2012

With the turn of the year and a whole twelve month ahead to think on what you have in-store for gaming, modelling and hobby pursuits generally, it usually pays to have a plan (even if that plan doesn't survive contact with the 'enemy').

Reading several other blogs and their laying out of what they would like to achieve in the coming year made me pause. It's always interesting to see what others are into and see where their interests match your own or not and to pick up on projects that others have running which spur your own creative juices as it were.

So having never really planned my hobby activities before, and not really wanting to be prescriptive in what I intend to do in the following year, I did think it would be good to follow suit in laying down some of my thoughts and headlines on where my interests might lead in the coming months;

Abbey Terrain 001
  • Abbey Terrain Project - This on going model-making scheme has kept me thinking for a while and one I'm enjoying the fruits of so will definitely be up there in my activities. Contrary to most of my hobby goings on, I have planned this one out to give it a scale and scope so will be on-going for some time as it will be pretty labour intensive, but I'm aiming to build and finish for use the next four pieces over the course of the year with pieces 002 and 003 well under way this should be achievable.
  • Scatter Terrain - More an aside than a project but I'd like to produce at least two or three pieces of scenic scatter terrain. Generic multi-use pieces which I enjoy making and usually like the finished products.
  • El Cid Berber Army - My Almohad Berber Army has been on-going for at least a couple of years with very slow progress on the painting front (pretty standard situation for me really) but I would like to get some progress on this one as I really like the army aesthetically and have the army pretty much sorted out in my head so just need to get the painting brush out. No set targets for this but at least two or three units painted would be nice, but determined l get the Hasham Guard Cavalry finished that have been on my desk for more than a year!
Hasham Guard Cavalry WIP 001
  • Hungarian Black Army - This 28mm Medieval project has again been running (more crawling really) in the background but I would like to get a few units on the table top but this one needs a good boost to get any meaningful progress so probably resigned to the tail end of the year but might pick at it as I go. A unit of Clipeati is currently languishing on my painting table with minimal progress so maybe try and get that finished for Easter.
'Hungarian' Hussite Flailmen
  • Italian Wars Project - This has always been a favourite period of mine, since I was a teenager in fact, and an on-going project for a fair while but last year I decided to pick up the pace on this and push on, with some success. I intend to put a big proportion of my effort over the coming months into this one, paying particular attention to my French forces. Again, unusually for me I have put some forethought into this project and have a framework to work around. Concentrating on field troops but may drift into some terrain towards the end of the year.
  • Warhammer Empire and Kislev - An on going army for quite a while but again only needs the paint brush to push on with it. Not a high priority but a pick-up project as and when the mood takes me. The main thrust of this one will be finishing off units started last year, including some Kislevite Ursine Cavalry and a couple of Empire units too.
Empire Archer Detachment
  • Future Wars Project - Having got this project to a point where getting some meaningful progress last year and expanded the scope to include a full mechanised Infantry platoon and got some bits finished (unusual enough for me at the best of times) this one one is quite high on my interest level list and I would think that this should progress nicely and maybe even....shock, horror gasp....be finished more the summertime. Finished as it stands at the moment anyway but could easily be added to if the muse catches me. Just picked up the last APC from Old Crow and awaiting Mark Copplestone sending me a couple of Assault Marine figs, this one is shaping up nicely.
Future Wars Vehicles - One more to add
  • Mordheim Project - On going again with some good progress on this one last year too, this will probably go on as long as I have ideas for figures/modelling so no constraints on this one but again a pick-up project as and when for both figures and possibly terrain. In the short term the Gunnery School, Protectorate of Sigmar and Kislevite Warbands will take up the time on this one this year.
Gunnery School Warband
  • Malburian Project - Early stages on this one and really only planning what I would like to do with this one. Again a period I've liked since a teenager and the first I ever read about in Churchill's 'Life and Times of the Duke of Marlborough', aiming for either/or a French or Imperial army initially probably in a managable size using a mixture of figures like North Stars' 'North Star 1672' range, Foundry or Ebor Miniatures and using the 'Beneath the Lilly Banners 2' rules.
  • Miscellaneous Modelling - A plethora of different genres, styles and scales but different pieces for which I have no use other than the pleasure of modelling/assembling/painting for their own sake with too many different ones to mention here, really as the whim takes me.
A fairly dispirit group of projects, and all fairly open ended too. I do admire the focused approach I see on some wargamers blogs where you see definite progress on a particular project or theme and the fruits of this approach are always tangible and a thing of beauty but I'm a realist enough to know that that approach is not for me and a more eclectic way forward is the road I will follow.

So with that in mind I'll leave you while I plan my next move and I'll post some progress next time, probably with something not included in the above. ;-)

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome!

The holidays have seen a fair bit of activity and general chaos over the last few days, not least the weather and the subsequent power cuts, trees down, family incursions and friends from foreign parts having enforced stays, and of course the appropriate celebrations, all of which have meant not a lot of time to get any modelling, painting or indeed blogging done.

However, the dust has just this evening settled, hopefully, and I can look forward to a couple of days of leisurely pastimes.

The holidays have seen a number of new additions to the Warblog followers and so to them I bid a warm welcome;

First up is The Angry Luker, Fran is known to many and his great and varied blog The Angry Lurker is always worth a perusal.

Next on the welcome list is Kuglurz who has a pretty new blog Bitewinaki, which looks promising with interesting terrain modelling for Mordheim.

Another from across the channel is Hamster. who has a very interesting blog The dojo hamstersamourai which again has a plethora of wargaming subject matter in particular 40K but getting into other things too.

Another couple of new bloggers have also joined the Warblog, David with his newly created Lead Warrior blog (Hi Dave!) and TamsinP with her Wargaming Girl blog, both of which look promising and we wish them both many happy blogs of the New Year.

Last of the Guest list this time round (and of course not least) is Lee Hadley who is a prolific blogger and his site Big Lee's Miniature Adventures is a veritable gold mine of wargaming past and present.

Welcome all once again and hope to see you in the blogosphere soon (except Dave who'll I see on Monday for a game of WHFB to kick off the years gaming).

Right I'm off to get some well deserved painting done, see you next post and I hope the dust has settled in your homes too!

Sunday 1 January 2012

HAPPY New Year!

A Happy and prosperous New Year to all, and to all a good night!

Tanelorn (Rodney Matthews\)

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