Monday 26 September 2011

The Right Look

Young Knight in a Landscape 1510

I have been looking through my library of source books for some inspiration for my Italian Wars project and looking to see if I can fix the look I'm going for in particular the Italians. While searching I came across this illustration in an old 1970's book on later armour. A nice piece, especially the Light Cavalry look behind the 'Young Knight' which I intend to use as the basis for my Italian light Cavalry.

The knight, and I assume the cavalryman behind him, is actually Venetian, but I have decided to theme my Italian troops round a Romagnol theme, with perhaps a smattering of Papal troops to go along side them.

I have added a page to the blog, 'Italian Wars Project' where I intend to log my progress on the project. Not much progress so far, as the last couple of months have been hectic due to holidays, etc etc have prevented me picking up my paint brush at all, but onwards and upwards....hopefully.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

A New Perspective

After many years of wanting to make a tabletop periscope I finally managed to pick up a bit of suitably sized mirror (from an old toilet bag that was going in the bin) and with the use of a protractor and some scrap card I've put together this offering.

Quite pleased with the result although perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing object, it does work and can be tarted up a bit if needed.

Put together so it can be used by simply putting it on the table at the appropriate spot (to check line of sight or just to admire the view) it can be viewed without hunkering down or other contortions.

Always wanted one since in my teens and saw them for the first time in Yorkshire at the Wargame Holiday place of the late Peter Gilder and was well impressed then. Now I've got one, I'll probably see if I can improve on the model, (if I track down some more mirror of a suitable size).

Coming Soon - Condottiere

Just noted from the Foundry site that they have an interesting new range coming, namely 'Condottiere'. Not much info on the website but going by the taster photo, it looks to be interesting although perhaps not hugely exciting going by the photo but early days.

This release seems to be tied in with a rule set release, (surprise, surprise) called Condottiere by Frank Chadwick. I'll reserve my judgements on both the figures and rules until seen, but both can only be good for stimulating interest in the period.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Empire Strikes Back.....A Bit

Empire vs Dark Elves (The Epilogue)
After our recent WHFB mini campaign at the club, where my Empire forces managed to fight off Iains' Ogre invasion but got trounced by Kevs Dark Elves, I had thrown down the gauntlet to Kev to see if he wanted to have a re-match in the form of an epilogue to the campaign. (It also would round off the story line I had written around the two campaigns nicely one way or another (for this read salve a bruised ego)).

Thanks to Kev, being the sport he is, agreed to a one off game, namely the 'breakthrough' scenario from the 7th Edition rules where the DE have to get a third of their forces into the Empire deployment zone by the end of the game to win. Slightly biased I know, but based on past performance against the DE, highly likely (see previous posts).

The game was highly entertaining and just for a change, a contest right to the end with the DE running out of steam by round 5, mainly thanks to some very nifty magic (which was itself a bit of a novelty, the only place I got to throw more dice than Kev being power dice) and the Empire troops, and in particular the mortars, wearing down the DE numbers sufficiently over the course of rounds 2 to 4 enough to tip the balance.
The Nightmare comes to an end
So a victory at last for the Empire over the Dark Elves, preventing them from escaping with their ill gotten gains. But more importantly, finally a victory of my Empire over Kevs Dark Elves, the first in six years!

You can see from the final photo that there wasn't much left on the field which shows how close a battle it was.

Thursday 1 September 2011


A welcome to the Warblog to Colonel Shofer.

The Colonels Mild OCD Model Blog is worth looking out for for it's eclectic mix of figure reviews, gaming and general eye candy coming as it does in all sorts of assorted flavours.
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