Thursday 12 August 2010

Oldies but Goldies

Been doing a little bit of painting recently and have managed to tidey up some figures which have been rattling about for years, in this case in excess of twenty. The first one has taken me the twenty odd years to get around to getting it painted, even though it is part of my Witch Hunters Warband for Mordheim, the other two have just been rebased to give them a bit more longevity.

All are citadel miniatures from the Eighties, the first is from their fighters range and was always a favourite figure, don't ask me why I haven't got around to getting him painted before now. The next is from one of the Regiments of Renown, Skarlocs Wood Elf Archers and was the predecessor to the current wardancers. The last is from the Champion Eternal Box Set, namely Corum, both of these were painted a long time ago but have stood up not too badly.

I've also painted up a couple of the main bad guys from my Angmar LOTR Strategy Game army project, ie the easy ones namely the Witch King himself and a couple of Castellans.

Fairly pleased with the way the figures turned out though the photos don't show them at their best being a bit to bright and the basing will get redone at some point as they were a bit hurried but OK.

I am working on my own Angmar Army list. I don't like the Spooks and Ghouls only list that GW have come up with, so I have just about finished my version which I will post soon in the Albatwo Resource section, keep watching.

Monday 9 August 2010

Claymore 2010, Purchases

Had an enjoyable day out at this years Claymore even if the halls were very hot and close but a good day anyway with the new venue being a definite improvement.

The traders were doing well I noticed but I was being fairly circumspect and, bieng fairly skint, didn't buy too much even though saw lots to be tempted by.

The first item I did pick up was from the bring and buy, and was a set of the GW Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar. Most are destined to join the ranks of my Empire Militia unit with a couple being rounded up for conversion duties.

The next two offerings were picked up from Dave Thomas' stall, namely a Andalsian Characters/Personalities pack by Artizan Miniatures, and a Copplestone 'Trooper Officers' blister pack which completes my requirements for my Future Wars project, just need to get them based and painted.

My only other purchase was for some terrain modelling materials picked up from Mutineer Miniatures (Hi Brian, Mark and Kenny) which offer a very extensive range of said materials, paints etc (plug, plug!).

Sunday 8 August 2010

On the Workbench Update

As promised a bit of progress on the ruined terrain piece, even quicker than I thought.

Flocked, varnished etc and just needs some finishing touches; a couple of more tufts of grass and a wee bit of detritis, wood etc and it will be done.

Should be finished off over the next couple of days.

On the Workbench this month

Some WIP for my Almohad Berber Army for WAB, namely my Hasham Guard Cavalry. Early days yet but hope to get them finished before I'm off to Turkey.

These are Artizan Miniatures which I really like. Easy to paint but with enough detail to give the figures character.

Some more WIP, this time some more terrain for my on going ruined theme. This one is high on my priority list and should be finished soon.

Again made from Hirst Arts moulds and a bit of imagination. Watch this space for the finished article soon.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Somewhere in Italy

Recently have had a small skirmish with Dave K at the club, trying out something a bit differant, namely a Renaissance period skirmish. This was using the old (1985ish) Table Top Games rules 'Sword and Pistol'.

A fun set of rules and very fast play (well fast play for 1985). My Spanish troops were set up in the middle of the italianate scenery round some eclosed fields and Daves English troops came on at a random position with his cavalry coming on on a random position again being diced for when they came on.

Daves forces advanced towards my position with a bit of sporadic fire from the two sides. But when it came to blows a sizable proportion of Dave's yoemen decided they didn't want to face the finest troops in Europe in hand-to-hand combat and fled hotly pursued by a couple of my troops. Following that the mercenary captain cut down a further couple of his opponents. Daves cavalry arrived, slightly too late, bowling over a couple of the Spanish, a continue on through the melee to vistas distant as the skirmish was all but over.

A quick and enjoyable game. The rules thouroughly recommended if you can find a copy.
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