Wednesday 5 August 2020

A couple of Adventurers

A couple of random figures in the form of two of the Artizan Design Adventurers, which I think they no longer do.

The figures have been sitting in the painting queue three quarters complete for a while and I decided to finish them off and get them out of the queue.

Simple deserty bases for tboth figures, which in hindsight could do with a bit of interest and might add a couple of dry tufts or a small stone or two just to lift them a bit.

Nice and slightly unusual subjects for adventurers, Artizan didn't do very many and don't think they sold well but have the Artizan look which I like right across their catalogue.

The Middle-eastern moor type is nice but I particularly like the fighter. Not sure why, but makes me think of a Greek/Byzantine type somewhere in Egypt or India doing the Alexander TG thing in far away places.

I've another couple of the adventurers to be done from the pack which are an elf wizard type and a female thief which are both unfussy and generic of their type and will be added to the paint queue in due course.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Future Wars Update 008 - WIP

Another small update on things that have I have been working on, on and off over the lockdown, and this time a few bits that are for my on going 'Future Wars' project which continues to grow as the whim takes me.

First up is the Heavy Hulk Battlesuit from Nuclear Shrimp games that I picked up as part of their Black Earth Kickstarter last year. Received a couple of vehicles and several troop models all of which are very nice and characterful and I'm resisting the urge to get more before I get whats already on the bench, particularly the vehicles.

The resin model was a wee bit fiddly to assemble and the only way seemed to drill and pin the legs together and then to the body, but once together it's very stable and the parts went together pretty well with minimal alteration. I've decided on the paint job it'll receive and is due to join the ranks of the European Federation troops in due course. What I haven't definitely decided yet is whether to base the piece or leave free standing as it were. I'm tending towards the base idea but the model would be more utilitarian if I leave free standing. The scenic base idea will probably win out.

Next up are a quad of Anvil Industries Robot types (C-48 Autonomous Mechs) from their Afterlife range which is easily their best range to date. Sadly the Afterlife range looks to be unavailable now which is a pity as there are lots of bits I would like to get more of there too, 

Really nice models to assemble and they have been put of some constructed bases to try out a roller that I recently got with selective terrain rubble added. All that done so far painting wise is the base paint scheme which was to paint a graded metal/silver finish with an all over blue wash to give an all over sheen to the figures which worked pretty well and turned out haw I was looking for. Pretty simple now to pick out the details and finish off the bases.

Lastly for this trio of Future Wars WIP are a duo of fighters/skimmers for the Kra'uul, which take the form of GW Forge World Tau Piranha, which have been assembled in a non-40K cannon way as I preferred the look. These are still partially glued until I complete the crew cockpits when they'll be finally assembled. 

Again, a fairly simple paint scheme planned for these guys with the Kra'uul generally going for an off white with red/gray/ochre detail. Might try a touch of air brushing for these models as I've never tried airbrush for models even though I've had the airbrush for a good few years and only ever used it for art work. Should be fine for vehicles or so I believe. I'll probably go for my own home made decals for them too.

I've a few other bits are on the table in various states of assembly including a fair amount of Anvil Industries gun tractors and Grenadiers which I like lots and I succumbed to another Kickstarter, this time Mordian Tanks and their current buggy goodness. Lots to keep me going on this project.

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