Wednesday 7 July 2010

Renaissance Bash

Recent events have allowed me to get to the club after a fair hiatus, with Dave K inviting me for a game on Monday last and we picked to have a WRG 2nd Ed game Renaissance bash(just to keep the flame alive for the long over due Grand Finale of our Marignano campaign).

I came up with the bare bones of an idea for a scenario to try, a variation on the ambush idea where a slightly weaker blocking force has the drop on a larger force appearing in line of march, and has to prevent it from progressing on it's way, with a time limit to make it an issue.

With some fairly basic rules made up we proceeded to have an enjoyable barny 'somewhere in Italy' with my French enjoying an initial advantage but Daves Imperialist numbers soon coming to bare and although I had seriously slowed him down it would not be long before he broke through by the time we ended the game. The scenario idea while interesting, probably needs some work to make it a viable challage, but certainly food for thought.

Friday 2 July 2010

New Warblog

A new update on the site, and a new Blog. Hopefully this should make the updating much easier and therefore more frequent.

Have been doing a little of the last few weeks with sadly only a couple of games. My most recent outing was an interesting LOTR game with JTM. Definately a game of two halves. Just a chance encounter somwhere in the Wilds with my Angmar troops against his Southrons.

The first half was definately mine and managed to get his force well down to under half strength and JTM ready to through in the towel. All was going well tactics, dice rolling etc so I managed to convince him to continue with the game to see how it would end. Alas the fates intervened and my luck turned, or Johns did. Anyway I lost a couple of troops in quick succession and I started to check Courage which I invariably failed and JTMs survivors managed to pick on my guys individually and JTM managed to grab victory from the jaws of defeat, (or I managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory). Certainly a good game and a real nail biter to the end.

Apart from that, my hobby time has been intermittantly been spent on painting Moors (slowly), painting my Angmar troops and playing with terrain ideas, so should be some new piccy updates on the siute soon.
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