Monday 15 November 2010

Empire AoA List

Another update on the Resources front on ALBAtwo, you can download an Excel file for converting Warhammer Empire armies for use with the Armies of Arcana rules.

The list gives various alternatives for each of the Empire Army choices and playing with them a bit to give them a bit of your own flavour, eg you can add a bit of armour to your core infantry, or add a bit of light cavalry. Check out the download at the ALBAtwo Resources page.

Note this is an Microsoft Excel file so you will need this software on your machine for it to operate, you should have suitable virus protection just in case too.

Friday 12 November 2010


Have not been doing much in the way of gaming or painting over the last couple of weeks, partly due to work, partly being away for a few days in (or in fact practically on) the Border for a few days round Kelso, and partly laid low(ish) by the dreaded lurgie, which is doing the rounds.

What I have been doing in my more lucid moments is doing a bit of PC gaming is as my want, of an evening.

What I have discovered is the new version of the game Mount & Blade, namely Mount & Blade ; Warband.
An adventure, action orientated game set in a medieval setting, where you can build up a mercenary band and try and carve out an empire, or just run a round and cause mayhem, with real-time combat mounted and on foot including sieges. This update of the game introduces some glaringly missed options from the original, more politics, being able to become king etc etc. Much better. The tech level is circa 1250 to 1350ish and has a good mix of archetypal western medieval type troops; Russian/Moscovite types, Norse types, central European types, and southern Italian types plus Mongol Cavalry and a new faction the Sassanid/Araby types. A good game for meglomaniac medievalists.

I have also discovered a new version of the game 'With Fire & Sword' which takes the game into the renaissance era. Got to check this one out which introduces gunpowder and more formation orientated battles. Hmmm....nice.

Getting back into some painting as my health and free time improve so back to painting up Berbers etc soon. Just in time for the Festive season kicking off.
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