Sunday 3 March 2019

Battle Companies Campaign Update

Elves advance on the Hobbits

Another round of catch-up games for the Battle Companies Campaign earlier this week with myself, Dave K, and Leigh taking part (with apologies from Andy K, who fell asleep on the couch after a long shift, but will catch up later this month) with us all getting two games in (mine not counting to campaign progress) with first up Dave K's Rivendell Elves against Leigh's Hobbitses in the 'Show of Strength' scenario with the Hobbits at a severe disadvantage.

The Hobbits tried to get as many shooting attacks in as possible before the Elves closed in to melee but this was only marginally effective before the crunch and a short fracas produced the expected result and the Hobbits broke when reaching 75% casualties.

After game results were productive with the Hobbits losses one of their number but gaining a couple re-enforcements and the Elves likewise gained another Rivendell Knight.

Hobbits and Arnorians converge on the Troll

Next up was the hero's of Arnor against the now multitudinous Hobbits in a round of 'Tame the Beast' where the two companies competed to slay a 'troll' who was wandering about.

This game was pretty brief with the Hobbits ganging up on the trolol first with volley firing taking a wound off the Troll and then mobbing it with all they had and successfully taking two wounds in the second round of combat to no casualties. The Hobbits lost a couple of casualties from shooting from the Arnor forces but in slaying the Troll won the game.

The Hobbits mob the Troll
Next up was a round of the Arnorian's versus the Rivendell Elves. This time the Scenario was 'Hold the Line' with the Arnorian's being the attackers.

The two Companies having pretty similar ratings with the Elves just getting the advantage it was going to be hard to get 33% of the Arnorian company off the opposite table edge intact with the numbers being very similar and four of my number hobbits which move at 4".

Anyway, the Arnorians advanced and exchanged fire generally having the advantage in the shooting but the Elven armour minimizing the effectiveness of this and the Elves closed to combat on the lreft flank and had the advantage in combat due to their higher fight values and again all armoured where half my number were rangers.

All in all the scenario went as expected and though 20% off the table edge was reasonable, eleven of the company were taken down so meaning it was impossible to get the 33% but the Arnorians did cause reasonable casualties in return but he victory went the Dave's Elves.

The campaign scores on the doors this time were 2 Good wins and one Evil win putting the campaign running total with the Evil side still ahead at 17/22.

More games over the coming month with a couple of catch up games and the third campaign scenerio 'Bridge over the Mitheithal' hopefully before the month end.

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