Monday 13 February 2017

9th Age - Empire vs Ogres Whitewash

Another club game a week or so ago, this time a quickly put together lay-down game with Ian who was wanting to have a game and wanted to have another try of the 9th Age rules, having only had one game previously.

I just used the Army I had used to reasonable effect (though probably aided by a helping of dice luck) the previous week as this was still fresh ( and not yet unpacked as well) and Ian was as I had guessed producing his Ogres.

Both our Army Lists were pretty light weight in terms of extra's and Ian's list didn't have any magic at all, just standard unit's out the box as it were. Again a 4,500 point apiece line up and we randomly threw up a diagonal deployment and the Breakthrough scenario again.

So far so good. We deployed our troops with things seemingly fairly close together and Ian won the throw for Initiative.

I won't go through a blow by blow account of the game as it was all pretty one sided as the deployment photo, to the end of turn 3 photo's show.


The Ogres shooting alone reduced my army by something like 25% within a turn and a half before the forces came to blows (though aided by the usual catastrophic misfire from the Volley Gun) where I knew the Ogres would be pretty dangerous in melee. I hadn't expected to get shot to bits before then. Zut Alors!

Initial Empire Advance
The ensuing melee's were pretty much completely one sided with the continued shooting carving up the rest.

Much thinned by shooting, nearly in contact

By the end of Turn 3 I pretty much ceased to have an army with only minor damage having being inflicted in turn.

Crunch,, turn 3 
Not sure what message I should take from this joint 'nilla encounter other than to say 'woaw! What happened there?' and perhaps improve my dice rolling abilities. 8th Ed WHFB's all over again. Certainly a very one sided game from the get-go and extremely unbalanced capabilities from straight out the box troop types but, Hey ho.

Time to look at the Army lists in a bit more detail for the next encounter, though I suspect a difficult match up regardless even if I go for a very beardy list.

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