Sunday, 27 March 2011

Caught Napping!

Dawn Raid Deployment with the Empire packed on the Left Flank
Once again the Empire troops of Baron Sidle rode out to do battle in the Clubs on going Campaign. Since the last outing against the Dark Elves was a defeat (ie didn't Capture/keep the Watchtower) the Empire was at a disadvantage for our next outing and Kev decided on 'Dawn Raid' scenario with only the Empire on the random deployment.

Ended up the Empires deployment wasn't too bad but certainly not ideal. The game started off promising enough with an exchange of fire from the two Fast Cavalry units the the Shades with the Pistoliers doing a bit of damage. the plan went well enough until the Empire Greatswords met the enemy general with his large complement of Corsairs and though they were expected to die bravely prooved not even to be the speed bump they were ment to be and the corsairs defeated , broke, pursued caught, and over-ran into my knights and making a mess of them.

Up shot of it all was the the shear number of attacks, combat and missle was over-whelming for the empire and although the flaggellants made a considerable mess of the Dark Elf Witches the most anyone has done to date, the empire was were completely defeated. Only some handgunners and the general and a couple of knights made it off the table.

One new rule that the implications of hadn't been noted before was that a Battle Standard Bearer in a unit that breaks, stands and dies on the spot so in breaking you lose an additional model, a character and his standard so even if the unit rallies, it is minus that character. Ouch!

The next outing is the Empire rallying back to the village of Almsburg tp defend it from the raiding Dark Elves. So far the Empire has not done well, so an uphill challenge.
End Game - End of Rd 4 and no Empire troops to be seen!

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