Monday 26 January 2015

Sir Roderick Stewart of Callander

Another couple of figures finished off to go with my mounting number of medieval skirmish types, this time in the form of the fictitious Sir Roderick Stewart of Callander (ie me :-) ) and his trusty retainer.

The knight is of course a Copplestone character figure, which originally gave me the idea of the character, due to his head gear sporting a tower device.

The standard bearer is a Perry GW Dogs of War standard bearer with a head and shield swop. Again used due to the tower device on his standard.

The Coat of Arms on the standard and the badge device on the pavaise are of my own Coat of Arms, which I quite fancied putting on a figure just to get myself on the table as it were. The standard is really to large to go with my lowly standing and I would be in trouble with the Lord Lyon if I appeared on the field with a four foot standard but hey, if all the big-wigs can get in on trying to show of with a bigger banner than they were allowed, so can I.

I might re-do the standard as it has come out a bit fuzzy and could do with jazzing up a bit, but it will suffice for now.


  1. Absolutly beautiful, great job on the yellow!

  2. Replies
    1. I think you might be right Dave, it's been a while. Probably over due

  3. Lovely command group - I didn't know about Copplestone's line.

    1. Thanks Dean. The Copplestone figs are worth checking out. Got most of my figs soometime ago but they're still available from Vexillia here in the UK

      Not sure if available in the states

  4. What a wonderfully creative piece and so beautifully realised.

  5. Remarkable work. I take off a hat 8)

  6. Beautifully painted figures Hendrid.

  7. Thanks all for your kind comments :-)

  8. Really nice. Bold colours and yellow is usually a tricky one to paint. Well done. cheers


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