Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Wargames Symposium

A bit of a catch up post this time for the Wargame's Hobby Craft Symposium, organised and hosted by David Imrie over in Leven a couple of weeks ago. Held over a weekend with different activities on the Saturday and Sunday.

Put together to be a different sort of wargame's event with demonstrations and talk, painting clinic, painting competition, video conferencing and other modelling teach-ins and of course some gaming activities too.

I managed to attend on the Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the mixed fayre on offer including chats with Thomas Foss who demonstrated his 'Broken Lances' jousting game, Matthew Bickley on sculpting tips and several bods on terrain making in general and MDF tarting up in particular.

WotR display game

Some of David Imrie's Claymore Castings

Sea Cadets Hall which event proceeds went to help

Food for the event was provided by the Sea Cadets staff and was easily some of the best fayre I've had at a wargames event, probably ever. The bacon rolls were worth the trip alone.

Some of the Painting Competition entries.

Thoroughly enjoyed the event and hats off to David and his helpers for putting on a different and thought provoking event. I look forward to hopefully attending next years get together.

Another view of the WotR display game

Carlist Wars display game

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Killteam Trial - Tau vs Genestealers

Last week I managed to arrange a trial game of Killteam with Kev at t'Club. A matched play between my Tau and Kev's Genestealer Cult.

Just a quick set down with a smattering of terrain and had at it to run through the rules and get a flavour of the game.

The scenario was a simple enough affair with each of the teams looking to get off the opposite side of the board with as many of the troops as you could muster before breakpoint. Most off wins.

The two teams were pretty much opposites with the Tau shooty and the Genestealers choppy, so I had to shoot as many as possible before coming to blows, so Kev advanced as quickly as possible keeping to cover and I stayed put and shot lots hoping to break him before he got any of his team off the board.

Needless to say, this was only partially successful as the board was pretty small so the Genestealers managed to get into combat though not until round 4, but only after losing half their number to the Tau shooting. But once reached, my Tau went down pretty quickly in combat.

The game did go the full distance in rounds with Kev managing to get two off the board at the end and gained the victory.

The game was pretty simple to run through though we did get a couple of things wrong but enjoyable game all told and will be looking to get another couple of games under the belt to see if I can improve and get a handle on the nuances of the rules. Maybe organise a mini campaign to get a bit of flavour too.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Battle Companies Campaign Update

Elves advance on the Hobbits

Another round of catch-up games for the Battle Companies Campaign earlier this week with myself, Dave K, and Leigh taking part (with apologies from Andy K, who fell asleep on the couch after a long shift, but will catch up later this month) with us all getting two games in (mine not counting to campaign progress) with first up Dave K's Rivendell Elves against Leigh's Hobbitses in the 'Show of Strength' scenario with the Hobbits at a severe disadvantage.

The Hobbits tried to get as many shooting attacks in as possible before the Elves closed in to melee but this was only marginally effective before the crunch and a short fracas produced the expected result and the Hobbits broke when reaching 75% casualties.

After game results were productive with the Hobbits losses one of their number but gaining a couple re-enforcements and the Elves likewise gained another Rivendell Knight.

Hobbits and Arnorians converge on the Troll

Next up was the hero's of Arnor against the now multitudinous Hobbits in a round of 'Tame the Beast' where the two companies competed to slay a 'troll' who was wandering about.

This game was pretty brief with the Hobbits ganging up on the trolol first with volley firing taking a wound off the Troll and then mobbing it with all they had and successfully taking two wounds in the second round of combat to no casualties. The Hobbits lost a couple of casualties from shooting from the Arnor forces but in slaying the Troll won the game.

The Hobbits mob the Troll
Next up was a round of the Arnorian's versus the Rivendell Elves. This time the Scenario was 'Hold the Line' with the Arnorian's being the attackers.

The two Companies having pretty similar ratings with the Elves just getting the advantage it was going to be hard to get 33% of the Arnorian company off the opposite table edge intact with the numbers being very similar and four of my number hobbits which move at 4".

Anyway, the Arnorians advanced and exchanged fire generally having the advantage in the shooting but the Elven armour minimizing the effectiveness of this and the Elves closed to combat on the lreft flank and had the advantage in combat due to their higher fight values and again all armoured where half my number were rangers.

All in all the scenario went as expected and though 20% off the table edge was reasonable, eleven of the company were taken down so meaning it was impossible to get the 33% but the Arnorians did cause reasonable casualties in return but he victory went the Dave's Elves.

The campaign scores on the doors this time were 2 Good wins and one Evil win putting the campaign running total with the Evil side still ahead at 17/22.

More games over the coming month with a couple of catch up games and the third campaign scenerio 'Bridge over the Mitheithal' hopefully before the month end.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Vapnartak 2019

Last Sunday was the 2019 Varpartnak show in York and once again the FDWC put on a bus for all interested to take a jaunt down to the show and I managed to make it along this year.

The day started early with all picking up the bus at 5:00 am and after a leisurely trip arrived before the doors opened and made it inside fairly quickly to avoid the cold.

Early morning crossing the Pennines
A warm welcome was had at the door along with a free figure 'Bjorn the Berserker' as long as stocks lasted. 

The usual traders were present and a fair number of games on too but not many participation games which was a shame. The show was pretty busy from the start and became pretty warm and crushing around the middle of the day but this is to be expected so not an issue. There was always somewhere you could escape if you felt the need and plenty of area's for sitting if you wanted especially round the competition game area on the top floor.

There were a few games on of note but only the big pirate display really caught the eye but this appeared to be static. The Colonial game was anything but and produced much noise and merriment which was good to see.

There were several smaller games on the upper level area and a couple of these caught the eye but all pretty much game mat and bought terrain affairs which appear to be the norm nowadays. The bright day outside and large amount of glazing did make things difficult for photo's. I did like the Post-Apocalypse game particularly though.

The competition's seemed to be fairly well attended and a couple of the Infinity boards for the comp looked quite nice and interesting to play on.

Once everyone had done the rounds and spent all their pennies we all headed back to the bus for 3:00 and headed back up the road. Once again a good day oot but quite a long day, but nice to see York gaming again and no doubt will do it all again next year. Looking forward to the adventure already.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Medieval Tabletop Wargaming Day - Lion Rampant

Last weekend saw my first wargaming outing of the year in the form of attending a Medieval wargaming day organised by messrs David Imrie and Ian Beal over in Leven.

There were twelve participants in the first game if the day which was a six a-side barney using the Lion Rampant rules. The terrain and setting provided by David along with a good dollop of the troops with some of the others bringing along a goodly amount of re-enforcement's.

The battle was a grand affair and lasted slightly longer than planned but I think the Lancastrian's getting the advantage by the end the game overall.

The second game of the day was aa slay of three tag team games with everyone teaming up with their previous opponent against another tag team with a 25pt a piece force made up of troops you had available again using the Lion Rampant Rules.

This game played a bit quicker as was to be expected and my team mate and I fought to a defeat by a narrow margin.

Great day out and thanks to David and Ian for organising the day. Looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Battle Companies Campaign Update

Another small get together this week to keep the Battle Companies Campaign alive with four attendees; myself Andy W, Kev and Kenny mustering their Arnor, Mordor Orcs, Warg Riders and Easterlings respectively, playing a round robin bout, two games each with random generated scenarios.

First up for myself was a game against Kenny's Easterlings. Kenny's band was down a fair bit from my Arnor Company so went the defender in a 'Stand your Ground' scenario. This was pretty straight forward and I won the tussle but the Easterling two bows did significantly better than my eight and managed to take down half my Company before submitting to the higher numbers once combat was joined. No losses were incurred on either side but I ended up gaining an Arnor Warrior and have two hobbit archers sitting out the next game. Kenny managed to increase his band by two warriors.

My next game as we all moved round a chair was up against Kev's Warg Riders. His Company had a significant higher rating than mine so I started with six re-rolls and the same Influence points right off the bat. With two hobbit archers sitting out the game and Kev only having one scout type sitting out the game, things seemed a bit stacked against me in rating and in numbers. The scenario rolled was 'Recovery', with five counters in the middle, one the 'relic' searched for and each band starting at opposite ends and objective to find the relic and take it off the opposite side from deployment.

Deployment for Recovery Scenario
The Companies advanced and the Arnor forces managed an early kill to archery for a change as they advanced and reaching the line of counters first too due to Kev keeping as much to cover as possible as he advanced. The first counter approached proved to be the relic so all was down to the fight to follow.

Early game was a mixed affair with casualties on both sides and an early good round from Kev where his scout took down two of the Arnor force in one round and the Orc numbers looked to begin to tell.

Mid-late game Orc numbers telling
The Arnor force now seemed to pick up a step (mainly down to Kev's inability to get the wound rolls in) and the warriors carrying the relic took a fair bit to drop but they eventually did, but the Arnor Warriors, (including the Captain who managed to get his first kills of the campaign, and getting two to boot) managed to pick up the pace and the tide turned quite spectacularly and managed to turn the numbers round with the Arnor forces outnumbering the Orcs by a good margin at the end.

Kev went for the objective though and leaving a couple to slow down the Arnor troops managed to get two orcs on the relic and managed a free move towards the base line with only his captain intervening. Last round and the Orcs got he initiative and the win but with only three orcs alive and narrowly loosing his captain too.

Great game with big loses on both sides but I was happy with the way my band stood up to uneven odds at the beginning and nearly pulling out the win but Kev's tactics at the end getting the well deserved win.

The other two games of Kev's Warg Riders versus Andy's Mordor Orcs was a hard fought game too with Kev just managing a win in a 'Show of Strength' scenario, and Kenny's Easterlings against Andy's Orcs which though quite one sided ended up with the Easterlings getting a whopping 13 Influence points and a much needed injection to the Company.

The scores on the doors of three Evil wins and 1 Good win were added to the running total and the Evil side moves further ahead to 15/21.

Next up more random scenarios for the other four players and the next Campaign Scenario; 'Bridge over the Mitheithel'.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Middle Earth SBG - Matched play

This weeks club match was my first trial in anger of the new Middle Earth SBG rules from GW. Playing against Kevin with him supplying the forces as usual in the form of Theoden and his Riders pitted against the vile Lurtz and his gang of Uruh-Hai thugs. I of course chose to play Lurtz's force.

Forces close
Early shooting worked well for the Uruk-Hai and 2 or three Rohan unhorsed and three or more Royal Guard are shot in the first couple of rounds, the Uruk-Hai hero claiming a couple on his own.

Lurtz gets pinned in the doorway
Kev goes for the charge and a line develops across the field but this limits shooting so everyone pretty much piles in.

Rohan charge in to the pike block and bounce while the Warg Riders
 counter charge the centre

The fight on the right begins to go Evils way with numbers telling

Cavalry dual goes Evils way with the Rohan failing to get the kills

Theoden rides tp buff up his forces on the Evil left flank

The mid game goes by with priority shifting and a couple of heroic charges declared and countered. Rohan gets the hits but the Uruk-Hai get the kills. Rohan failing to close the gap in numbers that they need to.

Numbers thin mid game with Rohan getting a good round
In the closing rounds Kev got a couple of better rounds and scored a decent number of kills but the Uruk;Hai continued to eat away steadily at the Rohan force.

In the end the Rohan centre disintegrated and the melee seperated into two fights around the ruins and the two Rohan main hero's with Rohan doing slightly better on the left and clearing the far side of the ruins but the Uruk-Hai doing the same between the ruins.

End mid game the Rohan force was broken.

End game? Theodens line looks about to end as the king and his son are
cut off and surrounded
Even though the Rohan force is broken it doesn't lose many to rout due to good courage and buffs but continue to lose to the Uruk-Hai attrition. With the Uruk-Hai looking to have already won and still unbroken things look grim but it's still not all one side.

The end nears and playing through the final round to see how things pan out Kev manages to take out a couple of the general Uruk and Theodred cuts down Sharku and thus gets the Uruk-Hai below break point and despite overwhelming numbers Theodred miraculously survives the final round.

Theodred likewise surrounded but manages to survive

The other side however Theoden and the Rohan Captain are cut down by Lurtz and Ugluk and the massing Uruk-Hai.

Surrounded, Theoden is cut down by Lurtz and his Uruk-Hai

In the end we totaled up the victory points and the death of Theoden proved to be the clincher with a narrow 6 to 5 victory going to the Uruk-Hai but with the Rohan force scattered and only 8 left on the board and the Uruk-Hai broken but with 17 or so left fighting. Rohan closing the gap near the end but not enough to tip things

Very enjoyable game all in all. Kev felt it to be a bit one sided and Rohan getting beaten up due to his inability to get the kills despite hitting lots. I felt the game was pretty even but the numbers on the Uruk-hai side giving the edge and limiting the Rohan Cavalry charge advantage.

Definitely up for another rematch on the matched play or give a scenario a try.

The rules were all pretty familiar with really only the changes to the hero rules to pick up on. Certainly seem to be reasonable and will be up for more trials soon.
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