Thursday, 5 May 2011


Arquebusier Vol XXXII Iss IV
Just arrived the other day, much anticipated, was the newest issue of Arquebusier (The Journal of the Pike and Shot Society).
Up the usual high standard of the magazine with the usual divergent articles, including The Olaschin Campaign 1696 (Austrian vs Turks), some interesting period illustrations of landsknecht, Fairfax's Account of the Taking of Bristol, Reviews, Masterless Men 1589 a wargames scenario and a couple of other bits and bobs.
The journal is well worth the society membership fee alone and as membership also gives added benefits of discounts from many well known wargames figure manufacturers and also discounted access to the many society publications, I would recommend checking them out if your interested at all in the Renaissance and wargaming this fascinating era.
You can contact the society through their website; Worth taking a look at what the society can do for you.

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