Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Descent on the Westfold - War of the Rings Falkirk Stylee

This weeks club game played by myself, Iain versus Marco, Dave B and a young guest, ably assisted by his Grandpa ;-), was a game of WotRs set up by Kev with him supplying the troops of both camps; the Forces of Isengard and the Rohirrim. The forces of Rohan defending a Westfold village and the Uruk-hai and Orc horde attacking and trying to take same before the appearance of the re-enforcements in the form of a sizeable force of cavalry.
As the Uruk-hai advance on the Rohan Village
 - 'You threw what on the dice?!"
The Uruk-hai and Orcs had a general advance as quickly as possible to engage the infantry defending the village and thanks to some poor shooting from the defenders managed to get there pretty much intact. Some bloody hand to hand fighting ensued but things quickly were looking grim for the defenders being sorely outnumbered. But in true hollywood fashion the cavalry arrived just in the nick of time as the village was about to be overwhelmed. The Isengarders then tried to quickly mop up the village while turning to meet the large host of vengeful riders of the Riddermark 
The Uruk-hai and Orcs hastily move to intercept the coming storm.
Mighty clashes ensued and while still anyones game the clock beat us mainly due the fact that Kev while umpiring had to put up with a pile of novices to the finer rules of WotR (or indeed any of the rules).
Quite enjoyed the game and typical of most GW rule systems, once you get the hang of the principles, the thing goes pretty smoothly and quickly. An enjoyable spectacle all and all.

Also noted a welcome to Elquintodestino to the Warblog who has various interesting websites from Spain with all sorts of comic, game and modelling interests.

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