Friday, 27 May 2011


A welcome to the ALBAtwo Warblog to Legion Games and DangerousBrian, Legion Games have all sorts of modelling goodness and usually interesting Eye Candy to Peruse and Brian has an eclectic mix of different genres of gaming all worth checking out.

Talking about different genres, I have recently been checking out the WAMP forum and reading the bi-monthly e-zine that they produce the, Portal. Generally a site for miniature painting with a lot going on. 

The Portal e-zine is especially good for a bit of lunchtime eye candy and it does feature new releases in the large scale modelling/painting scene, many of the manufacturers names I have never heard of and indeed the sheer variety of available models is mindboggling never mind the weirdness of some of the models you can buy. THe content has an admittadly high Fantasy/scifi content but does include historicals too and some of the tutorials for modelling and photography are especially good. Even if you don't like some of the 'out-there' models you've got to admire the sculpting skill that goes into some of these creations. Worth having a look.

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