Saturday, 18 June 2011

'Fowsans ov 'em!'

Initial deployment
This weeks game at the club was a pick-up game of WHFB with Barry and his Skaven against my 'trusty' Empire forces. Haven't played against Skaven since at least two editions of Warhammer ago and Barry was using the 8th Edition version so this was going to be an education to say the least.

Things started out fairly well with Barry giving me the first move and me taking out a unit of Globadiers, his Rat Ogres, a unit of Slaves and a couple of odd bits and bobs of add ons to units and a few casualties here and there by the beginning of round two. From then on things slowed down to a grind with the Skaven rallying particularly Barrys' shooting with his catapult with not one shot missing (found out Barry that your shooting should have scattered with indirect fire even though you roll a hit).

Also his Plague Furnance (big nasty tower thing with smelly gas stuff) caused a bottle neck so even though all the accompanying monks were slain pretty quickly a unit of knights and a unit of swordsmen picked away at the tower and its accompanying nasty rat and continued to loose casualties each round. Especially annoying is that the 8th Ed rules don't allow a wrap round rule so I had a huge unit of swords men engaged but only a three wide section could attack which I thought was a bit lame, (but I suppose I'm biased).
Things nearing the end with the scales tipping
 in favour of the Ratties
In the end when time beat us the Skaven and their nasty suprises (especially exploding Slaves when they get beaten in combat!) managed to tip the scales in their favour and Barry got the victory.

Interesting game and full of surprises but fairly even until the end which always makes for a more enjoyable game.

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