Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ogres Last Stand

The Ogres Last Stand
The penultimate battle in the current round of the club Warhammer Campaign was this weeks club game. The Empire relief column has pinned the remnants of the Ogre invasion force and they have holed up in a defensive position, they know they're going down but can they hold out for long enough.
The battles' outcome is not in doubt its when the inevitable comes. Iain managed a stalwart defence and took the game to the wire and  his idea of gnoblars to slow down the onslaught was a good one, but in the end it was down to the charge on round four with the Empire managing to slay the last ogre just in time to snatch a minor victory, generally aided by some jammy dice throwing especially in round four and getting just what I needed to get the right number of casualties. Also once again the Great Cannon Bertha failed to cause a single wound on the enemy but also managed to refrain from blowing up.
Now the Margrave and his force is free to march to the relief of Almsburg and the Baron. Will he get there in time? Keep watching to find out.

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