Friday, 1 March 2013

Mordheim 'Season 2' - The Draken Downs Boogie

So this week we managed to get the second club Mordheim Campaign underway with a simple scenario set (very loosely) in the Draken Downs in the Western Empire.

The scenario entailed the searching for tablet fragments (not bits of an iPad) detailing locations for the next scenario. If anyone managed to get two or more fragments by the end of the game, they would get an advantage for the next scenario. There were six markers on the wilderness terrain, three dummies and three real. Roaming about the terrain were four slightly despondent skeletons who would only attack if attacked or if approached within 4".

The players for the first game of the new season were myself with a shiny new Kislevite warband, Kev and his equally new (and very nicely painted) Beastmen, Andy and his (not so new but equally nicely painted) Sisters of Sigmar and Dave (a newcomer to the world that is Mordheim and another Kislevite warband.

The four warband advance into the Downs

The bands set up in the corners of the 4' x 4' table and Dave kicked off the procedings with a general advance towards Kevs' Beastmen and was followed by the Sisters, my Kislevites and Kev moving quickly launched his band round and over the south eastern hill and quickly taking out one the skeletons picked up a counter to reveal one of the tablet fragments.

Beastmen and Kislevites meet head on
Andy quickly found a second fragment as he advanced towards the Beastmen while sniping with his sling to take out the second skeleton, and Daves Kislevites had a little early success on the Beastmen as he advanced to take up positions behind pieces of tumble down dry stane dykes and quickly engaged the doggies. Mean while my bods were stuck with a bit of a bottle neck which slowed my advance to action down but did bump into a skeleton which my Bear Tamer took out but after the skeleton had stunned my captain.

The Beastmen launch forward picking up another piece
of the tablet while the Sister find the third piece
Daves Kislevites took the brunt of an early Beastman assault and had three bodies put out of action in quick succession, two to the Beastmen and one to one of the skeletons who ambled about aimlessly for the rest of the game.

The Centigor drunkenly wanders into harms way clutching
a tablet piece - you just know whats coming
The Beastmen band engaging the Kislevites also headed to the centre and bagged the third fragment with the fast moving Centigor and with two fragments in the bag, it looked like success was heading the Beastmens way. However, as usual way in these things before Kev could declare a voluntary rout with the two fragments (being Beastmen and playing in character decided to carry on killing people which he seemed to be doing fairly well up to now) found that his Centigor failed it's drunkeness test and staggered unsupported into the centre of the table in front of the bulk of the oncoming Sisters.

The next round saw Dave taking a voluntary rout to limit the damage to his warband and Kev re-organised his band after the inevitable loss of his Centigor and the loss of the claimed fragment. My Kislevites having now cleared the bottleneck of the two hills fired a volley of arrows at the advancing Sisters and Beastmen but failed to wound a single target.

The Sisters jumped into the fray as did a few of the Beastmen and the Beastmen came off slightly the worse for the encounter. As this battle ensued my Kislevites sent a volley of arrows into the melee taking out one of the Sisters and knocking down another.

The Sisters and Beastmen trade blows
With both the Sisters and the Beastmen having taken two or three losses and gained a fragment both players called it a day, leaving my slightly bewildered Kislevites in possesion of the field and nominal, but undeserved winners of the first outting.

A good start to the campaign and promises for more bods joining us next time including the infamous Hobbit Swat Squad, so should be good.

Next up is an outing to the Drakwold Forest but with a difference.


  1. Looking forward to the next game with my revamped warband

    1. Should be good Dave, remember numbers are everything early on.

  2. I really enjoyed the last Mordheim campaign you ran. Very glad to see the start of a second one.

    1. Cheers Brian, hope you enjoy this one too.


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