Saturday, 3 August 2013

Claymore 2013

Another yearly trip to the Far East and the event that is Claymore in Edinburgh.

The show seemed a bit quieter than previous years though the initial impression as you came through the doors was one of being absolutely packed, but I think that was due to an increase in the number of traders with several of these right as you came in the doors so making that seem busier.

Speaking to couple of the traders I know, all said it had been a quiet day with sales down quite a bit on the day. Even the bring and buy was deserted and looking at the fayre on offer, it did seem pretty poor in terms of quantity of stuff on sale rather than on the products themselves, but the lack of bustle there spoke for itself.

There were, as I said, a slight increase on the number of traders which was good but there wasn't a lot to tempt me into that un-planned purchase I just got the couple of items I had planned to get in the way of some Renedra Gabions (yes Warlord Games who haven't had any for two shows running!) which I picked up from Coritani and some barrier bits and bobs from the nice man at Ainsty.

There were some nice games on show, but nothing that really had the wow factor but definitely a couple that caught my eye like Dave Imries' Roman's vs Celts, FDWC's Monmouth Courthouse and the very nice 'Very Civil War' to name but a few. Barry Hilton's piece was as usual visually stunning but also very static, which I could say for several of the games which would have been much more intriguing if they had actually been playing them.

All in all another nice day out in the capital with pretty nice (if a tad windy) weather and good to get to chat to the bods which I sadly only ever get to see at the shows and catch up.

I surmise that it may have not been the most successful show that the SESWC have put on, perhaps the sun keeping the crowds away.


  1. Sorry we didn't get much of a chance to chat - you caught me in the middle of trying to get my head around x -wing!

    I made a couple of Mordhiem related purchases

    I should hopefully get my blog post on the show up later today as well.

    1. Look forward to see your Mordheim purchases Dave.

  2. Can I please use the image of my Roman game that you posted here for an article I'm doing. It shows the whole table and would be handy to have.

    1. Of course David, not a problem.

      I've sent a copy to your enquiries@claymorecastings email as I coulldn't find your home address.



  3. Some really good looking games, a pity about the numbers!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love eye candy like this. Makes a fellow dream!


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