Sunday, 3 August 2014

Claymore '14

Saturday and another annual trip through to the east for Claymore '14.

The day was torrential rain for the most part so a bit damp for everyone and coupled with the last day of the Games with events in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, the traffic was nasty.

But coming the back way we avoided the worst of the traffic and got stuck in to the day.

The venue was pretty busy for the early part of the day but I thought the numbers were down and only around 11:30 -12:30 seemed like it's usual busy self, though perhaps a SESWC bod can advise on the numbers being up or down on the day, but perhaps people just weren't staying as long at the venue as usual.

I thought the number of traders was up and things here did seem busier with a number of choke points due to proximity of stalls but not any problem here, just gave you pause for looking at the stock on offer though again speaking to traders, trade was constant but not very busy for most. I do think the day (weather and traffic) reduced the numbers through the door a fair bit.

I did notice that there were a number of tables for club games unoccupied, maybe half a dozen tops which I think were victims of the traffic mayhem. It was unfortunate that most of these were allocated space in the same hall which made this area look a bit forlorn. There were a couple of the clubs which didn't get to set up until well into the morning again delayed because of the extra traffic.

On the up side, there were several new traders with a variety of stock and plenty to browse and plan future purchases and the variety of games on offer was also still good.

A few of the gaming highlights;

League of Augsburg

Dave Imrie's 1400's tussle


Bloodbowl & Dungeonbowl

Durham's 54mm Waterloo

Kirriemuirs' Macedonians vs Thracians

Falkirk's Indian Mutiny

Gripping Beasts Saga PP

Iron Brigade (I think)

Another enjoyable day out all told (despite the crappy weather) after being fed and watered, chewing the fat with friends and catching up with bods from afar with a few modest purchases and acquisitions including some Claymore Castings highlanders, some more Ainsty casting paraphernalia and a couple of bits and bobs from Mutineer Miniatures, so happy on that front too.

Also bumped into some guys who have resurrected the club I was a member of thirty years ago, the Clydesdale Wargames Club so may pay them a visit to see old friends of yore which was all a bonus.


  1. Impressive looking games! I do like the Macedonian vs. Thracian game. Best, Dean

  2. Good pictures of a good show.

    Cheers, Ross


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