Sunday, 18 October 2015

French Perry Plastics 2

More news posted on the Perry's website on their Plastics Workshop in the form of some '3 ups' of their forth coming French Knights for the French Infantry box set and they look to be a very promising addition to their Agincourt to Orleans range.

As the pics show, and their press release indicates, there will be one frame of these knights along with 3 on the French (read European) infantry as shown on my previous post French Perry Plastics and interestingly, and probably a good move on the Bros' part, a separate box set with 3 sprue's of both the French Knights here along with 3 sprue's of their English Knights.

The release of these are promised for sometime in the New Year and once again I'll look forward to their release as they promise hours of joyous assembly and conversion ahead.


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