Sunday, 1 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Went to see Captain America; Civil War on Saturday as part of a belated Birthday celebration from my siblings, and very fine it was too.

You can instantly see why the film has been dubbed 'Avengers 2.5' right from the outset with the character cast from where Avengers; Age of Ultron finished up, but it also (obviously too) with the carry-on from Captain America; Winter Soldier which forms the basis of the story line where it picks up where that movie left, with the Captain trying to get his old WWII buddy Buckie (aka The Winter Soldier) back.

The film is to be honest, a bit more 'grown up' in theme and plot line than any of the foregoing Captain America or Avengers movies. Without giving anything away, the whole movie has a serious theme running through the plot where it is noted that the previous exploits of the hero's have caused a lot of collateral damage and perhaps there is a price to pay for the hero's actions.

There is less CGI big visuals too, but still a considerable amount of action as is to be expected, but it is at a far more ground level status than previously. I do like the combat scenes early on with some nasty Merc types and these feature the cameo from Crossbones with some good old Avengers style beat-em-up action.

The Civil War when it comes is a long time building, more than half the film, and when it does take shape into conflict it is interesting, and does include some interesting bits including a spot appearance for Spiderman (a new casting which I think works quite well) and a nice twist of the AntMan/Goliath thrown in, but I felt a bit low key in flavour.

A very jarring note which I thought really didn't work (and my siblings and friends agreed) was seeing the Vision in a casual shirt and jumper and trousers get up, while relaxing. Duh! He's an android creation, I really don't think he needs to dress down somehow. Perhaps Mr Bethany (who I think makes a good Vision) didn't want to wear the green suit thing too much. There's also a faint glimmering of the Vision/Scarlet Witch romance hinted in the story too, but that just might be me.

The big climax battle between Captain America and Iron Man whens it comes is pretty good and fairly viscous and worth the wait but I'll not waste the outcome, you'll need to see the movie to find out, but the whole storyline builds to the conflict and it is quite whoa!

The movie is as I say, different from the previous movies and definitely a bit more dialogue heavy and there are a lot less of the humorous moments (though there are a few but pretty low key) and less 'clever' I would say but I think this deliberate given the premise of the story line.

All in all, we all enjoyed the movie (including my number 2 son who isn't a Superhero Movie fan at all) so it definitely merits the 8 out of 10 'worth watching' from the Warblog. 


  1. Definitely on my to watch list.

  2. And mine to!


  3. It was a good story line, but I agree it there were some tedious portions of dialogue.

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