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Mordheim Season 3 - The Raid

The campaign continues a pace with the group squeezing in the next game pretty quickly since the last round and with Ian being kind to his fellow combatants had decided that he would not raid his neighbouring warbands of either Kev's Undead or Andy L's Witch Hunters but decided he'd rather do a bit of damage to Allek's growing empire (probably a wise move) and instead moved to raid the Witch Coven who were allied with Allek the Necromancer.

All the usual suspects were present in the form of Ian's Dwarves, Andy W's Skaven, Kev's Undead, Andy L's Witch Hunters, Dave's Marienburg Mercenaries and my Protectorate of Sigmar.

Following the previous games where they had been played on the usual 6 x 4 table and resultant advantages to random warbands on set up, things had been agreed to be mixed up a bit and the set up this time was on a 6 x 6 table with the unsuspecting Warlocks and guard Warg's in the centre and all the warbands equidistant around the table randomly selected positions.

The Dwarves being the winners from last time got a free move and were then the first to kick things off with a move towards the nasties and then the Skaven moved in the Dwarves direction being their arch enemies. The tooled up Mercenaries with addition of the freed hirelings from the Dalberz jail were next up but moved cautiously forming a bit of firing line as they began to advance towards the Witches territory.

The Protectorate go for a short walk
The much depleted Protectorate with not much to lose and a lot to gain moved towards the Merc's in the hope to engage the much higher warband rated band to try and gain extra xp's. The undead without their leader moved cautiously to start and advanced towards the centre and the Witch Hunter's moved to intercept the Undead.

To the north of the Witch's hidey-hole the Skaven and the Dwarves clashed pretty much immediately and with decidedly poor dice the Dwarves quickly got the sharp side of the encounter and Andy's Skaven pressed the advantage.

The Protectorate advanced again towards the Mercenaries but with a pile of long distance shots coming from the Merc's the front cannon fodder in the form of the one Archer and one Crusader of the Protectorates were dropped and the Protectorate promptly failed their break test and decided it would be a great idea to be somewhere else.

The Witch Hunters and Undead continued their solid advances towards the Coven and obliquely each other, the WH's taking out a rogue Warg in the process.

Skaven surround the Dwarves and pour shots at the slower fighters

Things quickly changed in the following round as the fight between the Dwarves and the Skaven abruptly ended with all being much surprised as the Dwarves broke from a break test forced from their losses from the previous turn and took an early bath and the Skaven now turned their attention to a wide advance towards the Mercenaries and the Witch's Coven.
The Skaven and Dwarves have at it in a large scrum
The Marienburger's continue their slow and steady advance with Dave's penchant for forming firing lines, and tried to take out the odd roving Warg with little initial success.

Mean while the Undead closed on some Resources and tried to attempt some destruction before the the Witch Hunter's could interrupt and spoil things.

Undead rush to battle and the Witch Hunters close
The coming fight between the Witch Hunters and the Undead soon came and quickly escalated as both side pushed their bands into the fight with the Witch Hunter's having the numbers and the extra punch with the Undead being without their heavy hitter looked a bit worse for wear pretty quickly.

The Marienburger's finally began to close on the prize and torched a couple of resource piles as they advanced and did manage to drop a Warg as they moved forward now with an eye to the advance screen of the Skaven coming from their flank.

With movement now pretty close to the Witch's Coven, the remaining Warlocks made a break for freedom while another Warg went down to the attention of the remaining warbands.

The Merc's chase a lone Warg

Without much effort the Skaven and Witch Hunter's did for the fleeing Warlocks with rats and missile fire and more Witch resources were torched.

The WH's pick up some XPs while finishing
off the last of the Warg's
The Undead broke pretty quickly from the fight with the Witch Hunters and took off to nurse their wounds and keep as much cash as possible and the Witch Hunters moved into and around the central ruins destroying any remaining caches they could find.

The Skaven snipe and move for position

The Skaven moved to pick up some XP's from destroying any caches they could find on the north side and now moved into combat with the emerging Mercenaries.

The Skaven rush to battle (and booty)

The Marienburger's attention was now split between the advancing Witch Hunters and the increasing numbers of Skaven forces. 

Witch Hunters and Marienburger's close
Though the Skaven did fairly well in the ensuing skuffle, they failed to get the the dice result's and with a couple of losses, the inevitable break test was failed and the ratty-ones left the field having successfully split the mercenary forces up.

The Merc's battle Skaven and the Witch Hunters

This just left the Merc's and the Witch Hunter's on the field to battle it out.

As the two sides closed in earnest, it was evens as they clashed with both sides one away from a mandatory break test.

Final Rumble in the ruins,
the WH's and Merc's battle it out

Neither side held back and both put all they could muster into the final melee, but with the Merc's slightly poorer stance and the WH's much more consolidated the final fight was brief and the Merc's dropped a man first and failed their break test leaving the Witch Hunters victorious and their first of the campaign.

Another good barney and now roughly half way through the campaign, the bands are beginning to shape up (most of them anyway).

Things are getting tougher for the Warbands and with a 'good side' victory, the bands move again following the Witch Hunters to take out an outpost of the Necromancer and grab an heirloom to aid in the fight against the foul hordes (or destroy it to stop it being used).


  1. Sensational stuff and a wonderful looking table.

  2. My husband loves clash of clans, and this looks similar. I think he would love this!!!!!


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