Sunday 16 October 2016

Deep Cut Wasteland Game Mat

I had been thinking about picking up one of the vast array of game mats now currently available for some time and recently got around to doing something about it and picked up one of the Deep Cut Studio's 6' x 4' mouse mat material game mats via Weyland Game's.

The mat chosen, for a variety of reasons, but mainly it's looks as it appears to be a good deserty cum wasteland cum bleak base would be suitable for a good selection of games I have planned.

Once ordered, the mat was shipped in very quick time and was in my possession with in two working days which I think is pretty good service.

The product however was slightly disappointing. The actual mat size, material and finish is very good and looks to be fairly durable. The only problem is the actual graphic displayed on the mat.

Colour rendition with lighting correction
(Actual colour may be a bit darker than this)

The actual image on the mat is of a significantly different colour than that indicated on the manufacturers web site. The image above taken with correct lighting correction is considerably darker and of a much more ochre hue than that of the marketing image.

Colour rendition without lighting correction
(basic AWB setting)
I took a bench mark photo without lighting correction and you can see this is a lot closer to the marketing image in finish (though paler). Whether the difference in the image is due to printing error/differences or whether the the image on the web shop is at fault and not rendered correctly I don't know.

Now, I would say I'm intending to keep the mat as it is a nice product in it's entirety. It is however not what was indicated and in a product whose desirability is based solely on it's look, this difference is a bit disappointing.

I will probably get a bit less use out of the mat as the dark ochre/tan colour places it much more uniquely rather than the much lighter image which is a lot more variable but I will be looking into my next game mat buy a lot more closely before I part with a not insignificant amount of cash.


  1. Too bad on the color issue, but thanks for posting this. I have been looking at ordering a couple of the mats, but the shipping cost to the US is highly prohibitive. It is good to get some independent reviews out.

    1. You should have some more local agents who deal with Deep Cut or one of the others. There are quite a few companies that make these type of mats.

  2. Have a look at Tiny Wargames mats a UK based company.

    1. Thanks Simon, I'll check out Tiny Wargames mats, I had seen a couple of their adverts so I'll check out what they have to offer. Cheers

  3. Thank you for this, although sorry to hear that it wasn't exactly as you hoped.

  4. That's a shame about the colour not being what you thought it would be. Could it be an effect of printing onto different materials? I know they also do cloth - maybe that was what is shown in the marketing photos?

    It might be worth contacting DeepCut directly to see if they can explain the colour difference

  5. You might be right Tamsin, it would be interesting to see a sample of the cloth, plastic and mouse mat mat's together to see if different. I'll maybe contact Deep Cut to see what they say. Cheers

  6. Hi, did you ever contact Deep Cut about the colour issue? I'm tempted to but this mat and I can only find reviews of the PVC mat. I'm considering gettting the neoprene.


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