Friday, 4 May 2018

Battle Companies Campaign - Part the Second

The last week or so has seen various BC Campaign activities with Monday being the next major get together round robin bout and various separate PvP games previously.

The participants this time round were;
                                 Dave K                Rivendell
                                 Andy W               Mordor Orcs
                                 Ian                       Gondor
                                 Kevin                   Warg Riders
                                 Andy K                 Easterlings
                                 Myself                  Arnor
                                 Leigh                   Hobbits
                                 Alan A                  Dwarves

Already with most of the Companies having five games under their belt, several of them are beginning to look pretty chunky, particularly Andy W's Orcs and Dave K's Rivendell Elves being the current ones to watch out for.

On the flip side of this is Iain's Gondor BC which has been particularly unlucky with post game results and has been forced to restart from scratch once after losing captain and down to three bods, and his second BC has not faired well after losing a second captain from the restarted group.

This time round, games were pitched about Company ratings with games paired off with opponents with similar rating matched against each other and then next closest.

My own games for Arnor against Dave K's Elves and Kev's Warg Riders were both victories for the enemies of Arnor with the Elves being much luckier on the dice rolls and Arnor only winning two duel rolls all game but still taking a time to defeat and then a much quicker defeat as the Warg Riders swarmed the hill that Arnor was holding and breaking at 75% casualties, going down in very quick order for a fraction of casualties in return. The post game results were pretty kind though and the Arnor BC is much the stronger finishing up.

We only managed two random generated scenario's each this time as the game length's are creeping up as the companies strength's grow which is nice. It will be next time round before we get to the next Campaign Scenario 'Catching the Thread'.

Following this weeks games the scores have now moved to 10/10 victories apiece for Good /Evil with the Evil side picking up a couple of decent victories this time round. 

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