Friday, 20 July 2018

War and Conquest - Four Year hiatus

OK, its took a bit longer than I thought, a lot longer in fact. Four years in fact. That is to say when I said four years ago we would have another trial game of War and Conquest rules, I didn't think that it would take that long, but it did. But at least it finally happened.

The game was a 2000pt affair keeping things simple with my opponent of four years ago Dave K taking the Andalusians and myself the Almoravids again, probably with similar lists.

We did take a bit of time to get into the swing of things with both of us struggling to find rules we were looking for but knew existed but managed to track things down eventually.

We did struggle a bit as the first contact produced a fairly complicated melee with light troops fleeing through friends on both sides and a strong flank attack with multiple knock on effects, so this did pose a good test of the rules and a stronger test on ourselves to find the appropriate solutions to the problem. As a result we didn't get very far through the game which is probably just as well for me as things were looking pretty dicey by the end of round two.

We'll dig the rules out again (soon this time) to have another, more informed bash with the rules as they do have some nice points though as last visited they are very WABish. Looking at the army lists, I think these need to be re-visited but no tinkering with these until another couple of games under the belt.

I suspect we did get a few things wrong but thats all part of the process, we even talked about digging out WAB 2nd edition to see how that compares.


  1. WAB 2nd didn't really add anything to El Cid era games IMO.
    You're better off with 1.5 and the El Cid book.

    1. Thanks for the info, never really played 2nd Ed so didn't know if any improvement. Cheers

    2. I thinking you were a WAB tournament player then V2 clarified some things and leveled a few playing fields.
      But if you mainly played "in period" using the supplements all it did was break a few things and add unnecessary complications. Neither AoA or El Cid (my two faves) gained anything from WAB2 and actually needed house rules and FAQs to make them function.
      "If it ain't broke..."

  2. One of my favourite periods. Good to see you trialling El Cid in different rules.

    1. Mine too. Will persevere with WaC but the lists are a bit basic but didn't like the extreme results sometimes with WAB, maybe look at Hail Ceaser or a couple of the newer rule sets recently released.


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