Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Flood Plain Wash Out

Start of the battle on the Flood Plain
This weeks club night saw the start of an occasional Mordheim Campaign with the 'Flood Plain' scenario from the Nemisis Crown supplement.

The protagonists were my Gunnery School cadets, Dave's Scottish flavour Middenheimers, Iain's Skaven, Ken's Mercenaries, and Kev's Reiklander's, fighting over a flooded battlefield which slowed down movement and if you fell knocked down or stunned meant you might drown as an added hazard.

An interesting start to the campaign, albeit a bit slow, as we needed to refresh our memories for the rules, but we soon got into the swing of things. My Cadets took an early bath and after a hefty tussle between the humans, Kev's Reiklander's took the honours.

A new warband to paint up for next time and some interesting modelling opportunities so maybe a bit of spit and polish on the cadets uniforms might mean a better showing next outing.

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