Sunday 3 April 2011

Alba World Maps

The World of Alba
The next update on ALBAtwo has finally been done with the Alba Map project finally getting underway. Principally this is the digital recording of all the geographical and political maps of Alba that I have done over the years (mainly some time ago) and get them available on ALBAtwo.

I also aim to update the older maps which are looking a bit jaded and now I have the technology to do this digitally along with detailing previousl;y uncharted areas too.

This is going to be a long term project but one I have been planning for some time and am looking forward to the creative process. You can check out the progress so far here.

Also, a welcome is overdue to Caliban, Pauls Bod's and The Angry Lurker who are now popping into the Warblog. Check out their blogs for lot's of interesting stuff. Hope you continue to find things of interest here.


  1. Thanks for the welcome. Those are lovely maps - wish I had that kind of skill!

  2. Thanks, the original maps were done a fair time ago. I hope I can remember how it's done.


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