Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Encounter in the Wilds

Deployment - The Empire encounter 'something' on the way
to relieve Almsburg 
The next round of the ongoing WHFB Campaign was this weeks club game with my trusty Empire in the form of the Margrave of Streissen leading his troops to the relief of the Baron Sidle. The Baron is having a hard time of it at the moment with the Dark Elves knocking seven bells out of him and his forces recently and has been forced to retreat and is about to defend the village of Almsburg from the next onslaught.
Unfortunately for the Margrave he bumped into the Iain's Ogres, which the Baron had previously stalled in their invasion, and were now getting obstreperous again, and the scenario played was the Encounter scenario with both sides dicing to see what units deployed and which came on as reserve.
The Empire were lucky to not have any coming on as reserve but were a bit thinly spread having to deploy first and guard against flanking which is easy to do with the diagonal depployment zones.
The Empire launched an immediate assault on the Ogres centre with the Flaggellants and did a bit of damage before perishing to a man on the return bout. The Ogres two chunky units including Tyrant, Butcher and some chunky muscle then steamrollered their way forward on an overrun into the Swordsman horde destroying it but taking a few wounds on the way but winning and overrunning into the Militia horde with the same result, but then into the Margrave and his unit of knights. This was where the juggernaut ran out of steam having been weakened by the three units they had pulped now faced sterner stuff and thanks to some reasonable dice throwing and lots of armour saves the Tyrant, Butcher and a good proportion of the centre dropped and the remnants including the army standard bearer broke and were subsequently lost pretty much ending the game there as time had beaten us once again.
End Game - The Ogre steamroller runs out of steam and gets
unstuck and surrounded
Great game and lots of nail biting stuff, especially when every leadership roll was saved with a nine and a bit worrying when you see 30 man units getting chopped every half turn but triumphing in the end.

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