Wednesday, 29 June 2011

If You Go Down to The Woods Today....

The Wild Wood - lacking in cover
The next round of the club occasional Mordheim Campaign was again a slightly different scenario with the 'march' to the great prize continuing this time through 'The Wild Wood', the scenario from the Nemesis Campaign where the adventuring warbands clash in an enchanted inhabited wood. The inhabitants are a number of mischievous and spiteful woodland spirits.
The Wild Ones
The warbands on the field on this outing were once again my Gunnery School Cadets, Iains Skaven, Kevs Reiklanders 'The Hicks from the Sticks', Kens Reiklanders ' The Bling', and Barry with Another Skaven horde. With uneven numbers playing and a couple of last minute no-shows the game was going to be a quick one only slowed down by the uncharacteristic mutual agreement to do away with the woodland sprites as quickly as possible which proved to be a pain in the butt pretty quickly especially to Iains Skaven as the random movement of the various spirits more often than not involved heading towards his warband.

Once the last of the Sprites was disposed of, (the last one taking out my Senior Officer in the process, oh the shame), the warbands got down to the real work on hand and proceeded to belabour each other once more returning to character.
The Cadets, outnumbered, get picked on from
two sides.
Barry made short work of Kens depleted Reiklanders and Iains Skaven swarmed over the rear of my Cadets while Kev made short work of the front, and then they proceeded to batter lumps out of each other with Iain making a slightly better show but not by much by which time Barry's largely untouched horde was beetling up fast decided his now outnumbered remnants should show their true colours and beat a hasty retreat keeping in character with his warbands tenents, leaving Barry the victor of the field.
A pretty open field giving archery, slings and gunnery the upper hand (not that you would have noticed by some of the dice rolls (Kev)) but next time up the bands are moving into the 'burbs' of the great city so a bit more close quarter action will be the order of the day.


  1. I don't think I've ever played Mordheim more than once or twice. I would have loved to take part in a proper campaign so thanks for letting me live viscerally (I know that's not the right spelling, but you know what I mean).

  2. We've played Mordheim off and on foe several years and it is good to take the old trip down memory lane now and again. It's a simple rule set and a good one for a club night with limited time to get a game in. Does what it says on the tin as it were.


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