Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'Future Wars' Project

I have been working, on and off, on a Near Future project for quite a while, probably three or more years. Picking up the odd pack of figures here, and the occasional vehicle there. Probably started by picking up a pack of Copplestone's 'Future Wars' range of Marines a few years ago at one of the Claymore shows in Edinburgh, and over a period of time this kind of grew, as these things do.

Anyway, around last year, again at Claymore I picked up the last pack of figures that my initial plan required and I now had all the figures I needed to create an mechanised urban assault platoon of three sections, command and vehicles.

I have now managed to get this project off the ground having decided on a colour scheme for the troops etc and now getting things done, picking this one up as the muse takes me, since this one is just because, not for anything in particular.

First up then is the first crop of vehicles for the platoon, two APCs;
Old Crow Medium APCs
Next up is the Command Scout Vehicle;
Old Crow Goanna Scout
These are just about finished with just a couple of coats of matt varnish needed as they're still a bit shiny from the gloss varnish that I put on after painting for protection, then followed by matt varnish to finish them off. Generally pleased with these as they are the first vehicles I've painted since I was a teenager, (which you might guess wasn't yesterday).

I'm now working on the first section of 'assault marines' with a blue urban camouflage colour scheme and will post soon once complete.
Gratuitous group shot
Myself and a couple of mates have been searching about for a rule set to play a couple of games with these and have picked up a couple of rule sets including the synonymous 'Future Wars', Street Wars, a couple of freebie ones from Free Wargames Rules, and no doubt will be picking up the new Tomorrows War to try. Have had a couple of trial games just with a bunch of figures to get the taste of the rules but no definitive decisions yet as to which one or ones to go with. Will no doubt have fun trying to find out.


  1. Looks interesting - be good to see them on the table sometime. I've just purchased Tomorrow's War so that might be an option

  2. Thanks Dave. Will pick up TW soon too.


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