Sunday 4 December 2011

Welcome to Der Feldmarschall

A big hello to Der Feldmarschall this time, who has dropped by the Warblog.

His blog Der Feldmarschall is chock full of historical info in his 'This Week in History' slots and lots more on rule sets, show reports and the wargame blog type goodness.


  1. Thanks for the welcome! I figured someone with a Polish Winged Hussar avatar couldn't be all bad. ;-) Plus you have a lot of similar stuff on your blog as mine.

    Finally got around to posting Part 1 of this year's Halloween "Mordheim" game. Be sure to stop back and explore a little deeper into my past posts, and maybe you'll find something worth following over there as well. :-)


  2. Always had a thing for Hussars, (but that's a different story :-) ).

    I'll certainly check back on your Mordheim game, and your blog in general. Good stuff.


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