Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Game of 2012

Early moves in the Empire vs Chaos year opener
First game of the year was had earlier this week with my friend Dave K at the weekly wargames club night.

Dave had fancied a game and I had suggested four options; Retinue Medieval Skirmish, Impetus Italian Wars, Crusader Medieval or a WHFBs game, Dave went for the Warhammer game.

So after the usual rounds of New Years greetings and chat we got the friendly game under way and a good laugh it turned out to be. We only managed three turns each due to being beaten by the clock (largely due to the large amount of chat and general frivolity going on) but all in all a fun time was had by all.

The Empire troops selected were for close quarter fighting knowing that Dave's Chaos would be getting in about it pretty quick so I thought I'd try and beat him to the punch so to speak and the Empire lines advanced quickly to the fight. All went pretty much according to plan (although I hadn't realised just how nasty the Chaos Knights were) bar losing my swordsmen a round quicker than I thought.

The point of great amusement to all was my when my general challenged to a duel, picked up the gauntlet, went first and with four devastating strength 5 attacks promptly threw four ones! Oh how we all laughed, especially Dave who quickly captured the event for posterity, then failed to hit my general in return. Then with flashing teeth, the most deadly beast on the table, the generals horse scored a wound on the Chaos Chosen. Revenge was sweet. Much laughter ensued.

Pity we did run out of time as the battle was just getting into the swing of things and could have gone either way and was certainly entertaining which is what it's all about. Good opener to the years gaming for sure and hopefully much more in the same vain to follow.


  1. Good looking first game of the year, I do hate it when you have to stop a game before, you come to a satisfactory conclusion!! Do I spy unpainted lead on the table??? :Oo

  2. Your right Ray, it's always a shame if you don't get to finish a game, especially if it's an enjoyable one. But at least it was just because we were all too busy chatting, so our own faults.

    Re the unpainted lead, I prefer the term 'paintingly challenged', or maybe 'work in progress'. I should hang my head in shame but I've got quite a lot of WIP, but I'm trying to rectify that.

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