Tuesday 24 January 2012

New Scots Medieval Figures

Just seen these Scots Medieval figures over on Dave Imrie's blog; Saxon Dog.

Dave and Andrew Taylor have got together and commissioned Paul Hicks to design a range of Medieval Scots of 1388 to 1402 ilk, for the first release with English types to follow.

In Dave's words;

" Andrew Taylor and I have been planning a range of 28mm Medieval Scots for almost two years. We have now decided to show the progress. Here are a few images of what has been sculpted so far. We hope to have these ready for release at Salute 2012. Sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. "

Great looking figures, and up to Mr Paul Hicks usual great standard, and look to be a treat to paint and will no doubt be popular. Definitely a useful figure range beyond the scope they are intended for and beyond.

I wish them well in this venture, as it shows great promise and with a subject matter close to me heart I'll certainly be supporting it!

Pop over to Dave's blog Saxon Dog to check out more of the nifty figs.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting looking figures - it would be good to see them in the flesh as it were


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