Tuesday 31 January 2012

Warblog Welcomes you....

With another month coming rapidly crashing to a speedy end and a reasonable amount of progress on things wargame orientated having been achieved in the month and a couple of enjoyable games, I thought it about time to welcome some new upwardly mobile bloggers to the Warblog, of which there are a few this time around;

First in line this time is Erwin with his popular blog Soldados Viejos (translates as 'Old Soldiers') which has lots of very interesting gaming goodness in most periods, in his Spanish games group. I particularly like his Crusades Medievals, but then I would.

Next up is Uniteallaction who has an active 40K orientated blog called uniteallaction strangely enough.

Lead Legion also dropped by earlier this month and although his profile states a blog address this does not appear to operational. However I noted that there is a Lead Legion Painting service new in the Glasgow area, perhaps you can let me know if this is yersel' or no. Welcome in any event. (edit; Blogger has finally updated things and I see Lead Legion does have the Painting service whoes blog can be found at Lead Legion Miniature Painting Service).

rct75001 has also joined the growing ranks of Warbloggers, and has an excellent blog covering his many modelling interests, Working on the Lead Mountain which covers lots of modern and not so modern wargaming period activities.

And last in blog-pile this month (but certainly not least) is Greywolf who again has a number of blogs on the go including Greywolf's Last Valley which features some excellent vignettes, Greywolf's work being familiar to those of you who frequent Sean Deans' Painting Forum.

Also dropping in for a blog were Thanos, Richard Fry, and Chema Sanchez all who joined around the beginning of the month.

Welcome all and hope you continue to find something of interest as the Warblog progresses through 2012 and beyond.

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