Sunday, 19 February 2012

Falkirk Free For All 2012 - A Success

FFFA '12 in full swing - 2nd Day
This week end the Falkirk & District Wargames Club hosted it's first wargames tournament, a Warhammer 2 day event, the 'Falkirk Free For All'. Organised by the young (younger than me anyway) Warhammer Crew and has been well supported with around 34 entrants for the 2 day event.

Not a strictly GW event, as non GW figures and even unfinished painted armies were allowable as long as the entrants fielded an event competition rule legal army. The event being about enjoying the gaming and having fun with like minded players and gamers, and not just about the GW 'One True Way', but about gaming the way you want to do it, which I think the guys achieved in spades.

There were some interesting armies on show and a couple of unusual ones too, not just the Tournament winning types, and some really nice looking ones too. I was impressed by the fellow from 'Dragon Slayers' who had dice which even matched his army, a nicely done Bretonnian.
The food for the event was pretty good for these kind of do's with plenty to go round, I think everyone should have gone home with a part bag of goodies (pizza, chicken, spring rolls and cake and more) when they leave. (Great sausages and chocolate eclairs BTW!  ;-) )
Don't know the scores on the doors as the event is still running as I post this and just winding up about now with the prizes etc. but I'll get the low down on the winners (and runners up) tomorrow and post the results when I get them.

The event seems to have been a success, well done to the lads for organising the event and hopefully this will be the first of many.

There will be a full run down of the event and results on the FDWC site once the results are in here.


  1. Looks like it's been a great few days. Good attendance for a first time event.

  2. Some great pics, looks like a real fun day!!


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