Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Knight and the Three 'Bears'

The Knight and his three 'Bears'
Just a bit of fun, having just finished off these generally skirmish types, I thought I'd post them up on the Warblog.

While I'm painting up units or what ever I usually have a few other bits and bobs on the painting desk to pick at while painting the main event as it were, to break the tasks up and to use spare mixed paint, and just because really.

So while painting up Sudanese Mercenaries for my Almohad Army I happened to get these finished off, a knight and a couple of billmen, the three being old Copplestone 'Grenadier' medievals (which have gone through a few incarnations but now still available through Vexillia Miniatures I think). Really nice figures as all Copplestone stuff is and pretty easy to paint up.

The four figures are intended for skirmish gaming generally and are pretty generic in that they can be used for historical or fantasy games, and are non-specific enough to be usable in quite a decent time span.

I have quite a few of the Copplestone medieval figures about and intend to put them to use  in a variety of guises. The crossbow figures for instance will be used as Italian Crossbow for the Italian Wars Project and a couple for skirmishes etc.

The bear is another oldie, I'll see if anyone out there recognises him and can put an name to where he came from? (not one for anyone under the age of about 30). Again a useful figure and initially for my Mordheim Kislev Warband but will no doubt star in other games.


  1. Very nicely done H!

    And is that not "Cyril" from the Dwarf King's Court boxed set that Citadel produced an age ago - 1982 to be exact!

    1. And KP gets the prize first time, well spotted. It was a while ago, wasn't it.

    2. I suspected the bear was from that set when I saw it but I had to go and check "The Stuff of Legends" web page to "double check"!

      If you don't know it here is the link.

      Very nostalgic!

  2. Loks like him! Great job on the armour BTW!

  3. Very nice Hendrid. I have a lot of Mark's Italian War's sculpts as well, though mine are more obviously War of the Roses/Free Companies era than those three.

  4. Nice work - your painting mojo is in good fettle at the moment

    1. Cheers Dave, I do seem to be getting a bit of painting done at the moment (for a change :-)


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