Saturday 29 October 2011

Mordheim Gunnery School Recruiting

The Gunnery School Seven
I've just finished off the original Nuln Gunnery School Warband recruits for our current occasional Mordheim Campaign.

Quite pleased with the results overall and have learnt a couple of lessons painting wise in the process. 

The Instructor
Senior Gunnery Officer

Senior Classman
'The Old Boy'

Under Classmen
'The New Boys'

Gunnery School Marksmen

Enjoyed painting them up and I'm now working on the new recruits for the warband in the form of a Pistolier and a couple of Sons of the Guns. (read this as Cannon Fodder).

Gunnery School WIP
Pistolier and Sons of the Guns

I've also been doing a little on my Empire Army Standard Bearer on foot which is coming on slowly (as ever).

Empire Standard Bearer WIP

Next up is the next game of our Mordheim campaign, a special for Halloween; 'The Burbs'. Report on how the Gunnery School Cadets fare in the suburbs on a moonlit night...


  1. Looking great. Keep us updated on how the campaign -and the Halloween special- goes.

  2. Yeah, I really like your theme and overall effect. The spearmen especially creative!

    As one Empire Elector Count to another, Noch Weiter!

  3. Fantastic work on the black cloth and hope they do you proud in game.

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys.

    And to Faust - ...und auf zum Seig!

  5. Great painting! Its always hard to make black look good, you've done an excellent job!!


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