Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Third Age Total War - Lord of the Rings

Dale Swordsmen finish off an Easterling General
I've been playing Medieval Total War II PC game since the game was released some years ago and it is one PC game that has generally kept it's interest for me especially as there have been a good number of very good mods available for the game. I had been looking for a new mod to see if there was something out there to bring some new life into the game. What I stumbled upon for a very good mod for Lord of the Rings, The Third Age.

The mod has been developed by a group of LOTR modding enthusiasts and they have put together a very convincing game of the War of the Ring complete with all the appropriate factions, history, maps etc all true to the books and using some of the where-with-all from the cinema trilogy for graphics and cut scenes etc.

Easterling Cataphracts charge into the Dalesmen lines
Campaign map - Part of northern Rhovannion
With all the functionality of the Medieval TW II game and some smoother graphics and all the armies and races included, the game has certainly peeked my interest in the game and given it a new lease of life not to mention a renewed interest in LOTR gaming.

The Dalesmen Heavy Infantry receive the Balchoth
Tribesmen's onslaught
I've only tried the campaign once and I'm in the middle of the campaign as the Men of Dale and so far I am enjoying success against the Easterlings of Rhun with some minor skirmishes against the Orcs of Gundabad in the north.

A Dalesmen General is ambushed by Balchoth
and Variags but goes down fighting
If you have the game, maybe buried away somewhere and are a fan of LOTR, I thoroughly recommend this mod to while away the odd hour or three. Easily findable if you google Third Age TWII mod and can be downloaded from a number of sites in two parts and installs very easily. A good find from out there in Interweb Land.
The final confrontation - the Easterlings get it!


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