Friday, 27 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Just been to see the new 'Avengers Assemble' movie, taken out for my birthday (which was nice). 

I've been an Avengers fan since I was ten and had been looking forward to see the film since I heard it was in the pipeline a couple of years ago, in fact since I saw the first Iron Man movie and Mr Fury made his entrance at the end of the film I figured out that was where things were going.

All I can say is I enjoyed the movie immensely. A very clever movie full of all the things you would expect; CGI, action, sexy spy types, violent combat, cool gear, really bad bad guys, plus a lot of jokes, some of the jokes are really unexpected and all the more funny because of that. Generally all the things you go to see that kind of movie for, or at least all the kind of things that I go to see a movie like that for. Left the cinema with a big grin on my face anyway. Great stuff.

If you liked any of the previous build up films, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America then it's a must see. I look forward to the next in the series.

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