Thursday, 5 April 2012

Benvenuto a Tutti!

And another month bites the dust and Easter is just about upon us. My plans for painting for March started off pretty well but fell to bits about after the first week and I've managed to get almost nothing achieved (wargaming wise) since then, due to helping out some friends get their new restaurant ready to open for Easter, so the time was well spent.

A couple of things did get done, both un-planned; firstly I was given an un-built Land Raider kit found in someones attic, and this was duly built and has now been undercoated. Not sure what I'm going to use it for other than adding to my Witch Hunters collection, but I did enjoy putting the model together without the instructions.

The other thing that I managed to get done was putting together some troops for my solo campaign, Lornian Imperial Breach Assault Troops which are looking pretty good and just need a little of green stuff to tidy up some joints and they'll be ready for painting. I'll get some photo's posted over on my Lornian Chronicles blog soon.

A few welcomes are due again to some more wanderers in the Ether-Web who have stopped a while on the oasis that is the Warblog;

Kapitan Hak and Chris Marquardt have dropped in and most welcome they are too. Rookie has joined us from the wastes of Mother Russia and his blog Rookies Wars has an interesting Half Life-esque feel to it along with some nicely done miniatures to peruse.

General Buggeration has joined in from less far a field and his new blog Daves Toy Box is pretty nifty already and he's taken to this wargame blogging bit like a natural, well worth a drop in.

From 'oop nawth' in Sweden Northern Wargaming and his new blog Northern Wargaming with some interesting Medieval Skirmish games also shows some excellent promise in this blogging lark.

In a more sunnier clime Juan Mancheno and his Playing with "Comic Books" is showing his medieval tendencies too and quite rightly so.

The Dark Templar and his blog The Dark Templar which he describes as being ' about wargaming and me' quite refreshingly honest a description as you can get. Definitely worth a visit for the terrain modelling bits alone.

The most recent visitor who stayed a while this time round is Felix Fox, his blog Bellulula; Teensy Weensy Wars who hail from the USofA and again his blog is but a newborn but has already bits worth a ponder.

On a review of the shout outs for this month, it has made me think on the global nature of this blogging malarky and how it does bring people from all round the globe in touch with common interests is quite remarkable. Just shows that a nice miniature can be appreciated from where ever you hail from. Not sure this is an earth shattering in-sight but interesting none the less.

Well hopefully over the next couple of weeks my painting mojo can be stirred and I can get some meaningful progress on my Berbers so they can be fielded in the coming Impetus tournament towards the end of the month and not show me up, and some other bits and bobs on the Italian Wars. Lots to look forward to; life, wife and work allowing of course.

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  1. At least you have been active in the blogosphere - I need to get my posting routine restarted over Easter - perhaps with our Impetus game on Monday


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