Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Barracks Barney

The warbands move into the streets
Our intermittent Mordheim Campaign continued this week with the fifth and penultimate game, The Raven Barracks scenario.

Number were a bit depleated but Ians' green Skaven, Kev's Reiklanders and my own Gunnery School Cadets took to the streets to chase down some loot left in the ruined barracks to try and tool up a bit for the final match in pursuit of the Great Prize.

Deploying equally spaced the Skaven opened up the proceedings, and took an early lead racing into the ruins and tagging a couple of crates very quickly, with the Reiklanders and Cadets moving at a more measured pace. Ians Skaven having had a good run in the campaign so far number twenty bods and are pretty nasty and fast, so both myself and Kev decided the rats were the 'Clear and Present Danger' and quickly opened up on the furred horde with all we had as they scampered about and looked to grab everything in sight.

The Skaven horde advance
Unfortunately for Ian, Kev's Reikland archers who have had a complete duck in the shooting stakes in the campaign so far (Kev stating that his goal for the game was for one of his archers to actually cause a wound and he would go home happy) managed a couple of rounds of pretty impressive shooting and dropped a passle of rats and took three or four out of action. Coupled with a couple of lucky shots at long range from the gunnery school, caused the skaven horde to do a rout check which with the odds against him, Ian promptly failed and was out the game early, and unexpectedly.

The Skaven disappear under fire from all directions
This left the two human warbands to battle it out in the streets, and very quickly the game seemed to morph into a game of Urban War as the two warbands took cover behind walls and rubble and took pot shots at each other, sniping away while a couple of tussles developed on the two flanks, one between some henchmen on one side and between the two warband captains and a hero each on the other.

Rumble rumbles
Luckily for me, and unlucky for Kev, his archers shooting returned back to normal and the Cadets got the better of the fire fight (gunpowder rules!) and my frenzied gunnery captain managed to take out the Reiklander leader and cohort. And true to the heroic struggle it came down to both warbands on break tests with Kev failing first leaving the Cadets in possesion of the streets but only half the booty having slipped off with a couple of crates before the end.

End Game - the Reiklanders are cleared from the streets
Another fun game but always going to be a difficult one for someone as three is always a difficult number as someone always gets picked on first (sorry Ian). The final fight could easily have gone either way with it only down to who failed the break test first.

The final game in the campaign will be soon, with the Great Prize awaiting, but guarded by a fearsome beast in the form of the Monster Hunt Scenario, so some team work (up to the point where the beast dies anyway) will be required to succeed. Should be an interesting finale.


  1. Congrats on being last man standing! Roll on the final encounter!

  2. A great looking table and game!

  3. Great looking table. I do hate that feature of three person games. I haven't figured out a good, reliable, way of fixing that either.

  4. Nice report as always. Sounds like great fun.


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