Monday 4 June 2012

Wappinshaw 2012

Another show, this time Wappinshaw in Glasgow and the second year at their new venue.

A smallish show, but I like to go and support the event in my home stamping ground and the show showed improvements over last year, mainly the really terrible yellow lighting from last year round the traders had gone, so really no grips at all and I had an enjoyable day out in the town.

Met up with friends, bumped into a lot of folk I only bump into at these events and catch up with things, look at games, toy soldiers, buy more bits to play with, eat food thats bad for you and then drink beer. What more can a body ask for. (Don't answer that one...)

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kingsleypark, a fellow wargames blogger (and his son Cameron) and it was good to put a face to the name and have a chat in person.

Good traders at the show and picked up a couple of bits and pieces and also, some very nice games;

Battle of Oriskany 1778

Kirriemuirs' Malifaux game

Battle of Oriskany 1778

Gourock Wargames Assoc. impressive
Battle of Kunersdorf

Solway Miniatures
A Very British Civil War

FDWDs own Battle of Heligoland Bight
I was very impressed by Phoenix Wargames Club (the hosts of the show) own game that was put on, mainly by the very nicely done figures. of the Battle of Ascalon.

I also had a interesting chat with Simon regarding the game and the club and a set of rules they are working on. I will certainly try and get over some tuesday to the club to get an update and say hello. Thanks to the guys there for putting on another good show.

After the show I had the usual wander round the town with a couple of mates and visited a couple of wargaming haunts and had a bit more gossip about things in general and gaming in particular and a couple of beers and then headed for JTMs house and had a quick game of Mordheim for no other reason than it seemed a good idea at the time, aided by another couple of beers.

All in all an enjoyable 'day oot' in the Tinsel Town which for a change wasn't raining.


  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Good to hear the show is improving so good looking games judging by the pics!

  3. It was good to meet you to H, and it sounds like you had a far more interesting time after the show than I did!


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